Axe Throwing

Book your session at an axe throwing center anywhere in France with Funbooker. Show your precision and aim for the target during frenzied games with friends. This unusual activity is ideal for a birthday party, bachelor party or team building event.

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Axe throwing: everything you need to know about this unusual activity

All you need to know about axe throwing

Axe throwing: what exactly is it?

It's a game of skill and precision, just like darts or petanque. Here, you'll be equipped with lumberjack's axes, which you'll have to throw as accurately as possible into the middle of the target. As with darts, the more accurate you are, the more points you score. You normally play from about 4 meters from the target.

How it works

An axe-throwing session often unfolds in the same way: you'll be welcomed by the on-site team, who'll give you a briefing on the safety rules to be observed for the activity. You'll then have 60 minutes in which to complete the games and challenges explained to you by the on-site staff.

The activity is played with blunt-bladed axes of varying sizes. Much like bowling, you'll be able to find the axe that best suits your profile.

Why axe throwing?

Axe-throwing can be practiced with colleagues as part of a team-building or after-work activity. It's also a popular activity for bachelor parties and adult birthdays. If you've got the soul of a lumberjack and a Viking, now's the time to prove it.

Where can you practice axe throwing in France?

Axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular, and there are centers in virtually every major French city. Here's our selection of a few axe-throwing spots:


The Les Cognées center, located near Montmartre, is the first axe-throwing center in France, with a dozen targets and a capacity of around 30 people.

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L'Hachez-vous was created in 2018 and is part of a network of 10 axe-throwing centers. Here you can play on 6 targets from the age of 14 with a companion.


Lhache Prise is the ideal place in Lille to have a blast with friends! With a rating of 4.7/5 on Trip Advisor, this center is renowned, especially for corporate clients. With meeting rooms and a catering option, it's the perfect place to organize a seminar with your teams.


Les Frères Jack is an axe bar and welcomes you to Nantes to split wood in a friendly atmosphere! This center is also available in Bordeaux and Rennes!

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Grenoble - Les Haches de Grenoble: the first bar of its kind to open in Isère. You can have fun with your group, and also enjoy on-site catering.


Karnage Club welcomes you to Toulouse! The pink city also knows how to throw wood, when it comes to throwing sharp objects. The Karnage Club is a place where you can let off steam, not only in a rage room, but also by throwing axes.


Tours N'Fun is an activity center where you can find dingo activities such as the Degling room, shuriken throwing and axe throwing.

With Funbooker, it's easy to find axe-throwing centers around you

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