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Looking for the perfect experience gift for your loved ones? Funbooker has you covered! From thrilling adventures like skydiving and bungee jumping to relaxing spa days and gourmet cooking classes, there's something for everyone. Give the gift of unforgettable memories with Funbooker's wide range of experiences.

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Candle-making Workshop

Scented candle workshop in Paris 4th arrondissement

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4,9 (31)

Soap workshop

Soap-making workshop in Paris 4th arrondissement

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4,8 (13)

Leather Workshop

One-belt leather workshop in Paris 4th arrondissement

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5,0 (1)

Guided Tour

Street-Art guided tour in Paris' Marais district


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4,4 (17)

Jewellery Workshop

Watchmaking secrets" workshop in Paris 4th arrondissement

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5,0 (2)


Caffeology & tasting workshop in Paris 4th arrondissement

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4,2 (6)


Electric scooter ride in Paris

4,5 (19)


Ticket for the Conciergerie in Paris 1st district


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5,0 (7)


Hammam & scrub in Paris 4th district

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4,6 (37)


River cruise on the Seine by Bateaux de Paris


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Urban Ride

2CV car ride in Paris

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Relaxing massage in Paris 1st district

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Scavenger hunt

Arsène Lupin's Last Secret" survey in Paris


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10 Very Special Experiences To Offer as a Gift on Funbooker

How about exploring unconventional options instead of sticking to the usual choices, like quickly resold items or generic flowers? Funbooker, the platform that compiles a wide range of activities in France, presents you more distinctive ideas: creative workshops, wellness activities or unusual experiences.

🎁 A skydiving first flight

Is the recipient of your gift someone with an adventurous spirit, a love for sports, or a penchant for delightful surprises? Look no further for a truly unique and thrilling gift idea than a skydiving experience! Funbooker offers a selection of over fifty options available all across France.

Whether it's a tandem jump with an instructor or an extended multi-day training program, there are various options to choose from. What's more, these experiences are designed to ensure the safety of the gift recipient. They will receive expert guidance and have access to all the necessary safety equipment, allowing them to cherish the memories of this remarkable adventure for a long time to come!

🧑‍🍳 A cooking class to learn how to make delicious meals

Do not hesitate to offer a cooking class to your friends, colleagues, or family members! Whether it is making a shortbread or a cookie, learning the tricks to cooking a beef Wellington, or trying Asian cuisine, they will be drooling.

The possibilities are endless: you will find French cooking classes, world cuisines, an introduction to vegetarian dishes, or even a pizza or hamburger workshop. There is no doubt that your gift will be particularly appreciated, and not just by the most gourmet!

🧖 A massage for a relaxing experience

The art of massage, once reserved for hammams and public baths, is now in high demand. Stress, both professional and personal, means that our lifestyles don't spare our bodies or minds. Why not give a loved one a real moment of relaxation?

There are many types of massages: for those looking for a moment of relaxation and pure pleasure, opt for a spa. Energizing frictions are more the domain of saunas and hammams. But massage can also be the subject of a more holistic experience: Ayurvedic, Californian, Thai, traditional Japanese... You will never run out of ideas!

🚁 A helicopter ride to soar over breathtaking scenery

Seize the opportunity to give a helicopter ride as a gift. Beyond the impressive vertical takeoff of the aircraft, the main advantage of this gift is to offer the recipient a superb 360-degree panorama.

Choose a spectacular site, nature is generous, and let your loved one discover sumptuous landscapes. Great monuments, snow-capped peaks or winding rivers, the memory of these splendid images will remain forever engraved in their memory.

🤩 Bungee jumping: a leap into a memorable place

Give your loved one a heart-pounding experience! Bungee jumping offers all the thrills of an extreme sport: intense sensations, a moment to remember forever, and a safe activity supervised by a professional instructor.

It's the perfect gift for a bachelor or bachelorette party: the bride and groom, already tied together before the ceremony, jump off the bridge together. It's a symbol of their love and commitment.

🍰 A pastry course to master the art of making delicious desserts

Are you looking for a gift for someone who lights up when they see a bakery window? A pastry class is the perfect present! Putting your hands in the dough and discovering the secrets behind the Macaroon or the Baba au Rhum is a joy!

You'll be spoiled for choice! Among the most popular classes today, you can offer classes to make: eclairs, pies, number cakes, cupcakes, vegan pastries, macarons, pastries... There are also duo parent-child pastry workshops.

🌸 A perfumery workshop to explore the world of fragrance

Perfume is a classic gift that is often found under the Christmas tree. But allowing someone to create their own perfume and learn the basics of this art is something much more original. By offering a perfume workshop, you will delight your friend, who will become familiar with the different types of scents, experiment with blends under the expert guidance of a perfumer, and leave with a bottle of their own perfume in their arms.

🧖 A hammam for a relaxing break

Hammams are magical places that transport you to an ancient ritual. There's nothing more relaxing than a session in these steam baths, which have been popular since ancient Rome. After rinsing in warm water, you enter a large pool hidden by the steam, where you can enjoy the moist heat that is good for your skin.

Offering someone a hammam experience, possibly accompanied by a skin scrub with black soap, is a wonderful idea. The person who enjoys it will savor this stolen moment in time.

🛩️ A microlight flight to fly over the most beautiful places

Here is a beautiful way to touch the sky: a sightseeing flight in a microlight will bring the recipient of the gift a lot of thrills. The advantage, compared to a helicopter or glider flight: the immediate proximity to the sky. Flying in a microlight is to feel the wind and the cold air of the atmosphere caressing your face.

No need to be a daredevil to enjoy it, on the contrary. A professional instructor drives this "air karting" while introducing the apprentice Icarus to the basic maneuvers. One hour of fun that you will be thanked for!

🍷 A wine tasting to learn about oenology

Wine is part of the French art of living. Naturally, offering a wine tasting session is a great gift. Whether you're giving it to a beginner wine enthusiast, a foreign friend, or a bon vivant, there are many people who would appreciate this gift.

You can choose the terroir, the color, and the range of wines from a profusion of vintages. But be careful, wine tasting is a serious moment, during which it's best to be focused in order to retain the indications of the oenologist and start learning about the aromas!