Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Funbooker invites you to celebrate life's most memorable moments trough unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette parties. From thrilling adventures to lively nightlife, we offer a wide range of activities to make your pre-wedding celebrations truly special. Get ready to embark on an epic journey, where fun knows no bounds!

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Ticket for the Conciergerie in Paris 1st district

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Urban Ride

2CV car ride in Paris

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Bike Ride

Guided bike tour of the Berges de Seine

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Admission ticket for the Monnaie de Paris

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Urban Ride

A 2CV ride in Paris

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Guided Tour

Big Bus tour of Paris (75)

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Organize your bachelor or bachelorette party with Funbooker

Funbook is THE platform for organizing your bachelor/bachelorette party (stag/hen do) in France. With a multitude of fun activities on offer, from skydiving to wine tasting, you’re sure to find the perfect trip for you and your friends, especially that lucky guy or gal who’s about to tie the knot!

What is a bachelor party (stag party)?

A bachelor.ette party, also known as a stag party or hen do, is an opportunity to celebrate the last moments of the single life of a man or woman shortly to enter marriage. Organized by his or her closest group of friends, it is a weekend that often revolves around fun activities, a trip abroad, and a lot of drinking… Made even more famous thanks to their depiction in Hollywood films, bachelor.ette parties have become a right of passage for men and women whose lives are about to change forever. Therefore, it’s important to do it right, and make sure the groom- or bride-to-be has the best weekend possible!

Activities: the key to a successful bachelor party

7 fantastic bachelorette party activities

Looking to organize the perfect bachelorette party in France? Check out our list of favorites:

7 fantastic bachelor party activities

Looking to organize the perfect bachelor party in France? Check out our list of favorites: