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Discover sports activities alone or with friends by booking gym classes or private sessions on Funbooker. Choose from various options at sports clubs or fitness centers, open to all levels and led by professional coaches. From gym classes to Thai boxing, these sessions offer fun, tension release, and fitness. Perfect for gifts.

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The best Fitness & Coaching activities are on Funbooker

Are you looking for a sports activity for yourself or as a gift? A private sports session or a group class? Then you've come to the right place! Are you looking for a gym, fitness center, fitness club, circuit training or weight room? You'll find the best on our site!

Would you like to visit a health club, fitness center, sauna, relaxation area or fitness center? We've got you covered too! All our partner gyms, fitness centers and sports clubs offer trial sessions, memberships or unlimited access.

Do you like dance and relaxation? Would you like to take a zumba, yoga, aquabike or aquagym class? On Funbooker, you can sign up for dance classes and aquagym classes with choreography adapted to your level.

The different sports activities

Fitness classes

First of all, what is fitness? This discipline has its origins in aerobics (gymnastics with music to sculpt the body). In 1968, an American lieutenant-colonel developed a concept of physical activity designed to improve the physical condition and cardiovascular system of his subordinates. In the 1990s, body training systems made their appearance. These in turn gave rise to: body pump, body balance, body combat, body barre, body jam...

Fitness classes use cardio training, which covers endurance sports activities performed with the aid of strength-building equipment such as elliptical trainers or treadmills.

Overall, cardio fitness and body fitness are cardio classes in the form of rhythmic gymnastics. These group classes can take the form of a choreographed step workout or a muscle-building session with or without light weights, such as "thighs, abs, glutes".

On our website, you can book a wide range of fitness classes, gym classes, body-building fitness classes and cardio classes. You can train in a fitness center, a cardio center, a fitness center or in a classic sports center. The fitness program and cardio training are accessible to a wide range of profiles.

CrossFit classes

CrossFit was originally a brand name. Since then, the term has come to refer to a multi-disciplinary sport practice of the "cross training" type. CrossFit combines athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sports. Participants run, climb rope, jump and lift dumbbells or other objects.

CrossFit focuses on ten skills: cardiovascular and breathing endurance, development of muscle mass, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotricity, balance and precision. It is delivered through strengthening classes, Pilates classes, sprints, swimming, cardio exercises, TRX, weight training. In some cases, zumba, technogym and aquatonic classes can also be part of the program. Crossfit also requires a certain amount of self-transcendence.

On Funbooker, you'll find crossfit classes taught by qualified instructors. Don't hesitate to book a trial lesson before taking out an annual subscription!

Introduction to combat sports

Are you looking for a session of fitness, toning or indoor sports? An introduction to combat sports will introduce you to a whole new world. Boxing, martial arts, kick boxing, krav maga... There are many martial arts to discover on our site. Sign up for a trial session of each discipline and choose the one that's right for you!

These sessions will give you the chance to work out and burn calories. So you can build up your abs, glutes, thighs and abdominals! As well as building muscle throughout the body, these sessions tone the heart muscle and the vascular and joint systems.

The physical training and muscular work involved in combat sports generally requires a medical certificate. During these activities, you'll start with a warm-up. Next, you'll perform a series of combat figures and postures. Finally, you'll do the stretching necessary to avoid muscle soreness. At the end of the session, you may enjoy a session of stretching, tai chi or another Zen discipline.

What's the occasions?

Would you like to offer a sports class as a gift? At Funbooker, we offer a wide range of activities in the company of qualified sports coaches and instructors. Whether you want to book in a fitness park, a fitness center or a simple gym, you'll find what you're looking for!

Gift activity (Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthday)

Is it Father's Day or Mother's Day, and is he or she a sporty person? Then treat him or her to a private "fitness" session with a sports coach! You can book a variety of personalized classes on our website. Water and sports activities that will let her sweat and have fun while building muscle!

It's a friend's birthday and you know they'd love a toning, physical activity? Give them the gift of a coach for an afternoon! They'll be delighted to work out and tone their deep muscles with a professional. Nothing motivates like being with an expert!


Are you organizing an EVG or EVJF? Offer the group an aquatic and/or sports activity! Refining your body, sculpting your abs and buttocks, and taking classes with friends in the company of a coach are sure to please all sports enthusiasts! Together, you'll work on a wide range of muscle groups: abdominal muscles, lower body, buttocks, postural muscles, arms and legs...

Enjoy an afternoon of sport and fun with your mates! On Funbooker, you'll find plenty of sports, fun and aquatic activities to share with friends. Treat yourself and kick off your EVJF or EVG with a sports session!