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Do you love quizzes, blind tests and dream of challenging your friends and family in a TV set? Then you've come to the right place! Thanks to Funbooker, discover the best quiz rooms, wherever you are in France.

94 results

Quiz Boxing in Paris 3rd arrondissement

Best seller

/ person
5,0 (24)

Quiz Room in Paris 6th arrondissement

Best seller

/ person
4,9 (23)

Blindtest in Paris 6ème

/ person
5,0 (2)

Musical blind test in Paris 17th district

Best seller

/ person
4,8 (5)

Quiz Room in Herblay (95)

/ person
4,3 (3)

Donut Quiz in Rouen (76)

/ 4 persons
4,6 (5)

Quiz Game in Caen (14)

/ person
4,8 (5)

Blindtest in Caen (14)

/ person
5,0 (1)

Musi'Quiz in Lille (59)

Best seller

/ person
5,0 (5)

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The best quiz rooms to challenge your loved ones to an epic, fun-filled battle

Ideal for an outing with friends or family, or for a bachelor party, a quiz game is fun, competitive and entertaining all at the same time. The perfect combination for great memories!

The Quiz Room

With a franchise of almost 20 rooms in France, Switzerland and Belgium, La Quiz Room is a benchmark for quiz games! With its TV show decor, up to 6 contestants compete in a quiz where general knowledge is not enough to win!

Comprising 3 rounds of increasingly hard-hitting action, the game will be full of twists and turns, as the jokers play an essential role in changing the course of events more than once! Here are some of the jokers available in the Quiz Room:

Quiz Boxing from Hint Hunt

Escape game specialist Hint Hunt also offers a Quiz Room in several of its centers. You can take on between 3 and 24 players, in a completely crazy session!

Show off your general knowledge skills, but also your cheating skills! The jokers on offer will help you if you stumble on an answer. Compete over several rounds and different types of questions. May the best player win!

Quiz Boxing

Quiz Boxing calls on your general knowledge and your strategy. Be vigilant and ready for anything to win maximum points!

Present at around ten locations in France, Quiz Boxing welcomes you to its immersive rooms in the shape of an arena or boxing ring. The level of difficulty can be set, and jokers must be used at the right moment!

Team Break Donut Quiz

Team Break, the leading Escape Game franchise, also welcomes you for an exhilarating quiz game session in Lille, Paris, Rouen, Alençon or Terville. In this room with its original, fun decor, 4 to 12 contestants compete in a session full of twists and turns!

You'll be able to trick your opponents thanks to a series of wild cards. 1h15 of fun awaits you in a friendly, entertaining atmosphere. Difficulty level can be adjusted.

TV Quiz

Located in Nantes, this 100% immersive quiz room will give you and your loved ones an epic time. The room can accommodate up to 36 people, making it one of the biggest quiz rooms in France, so it's ideal if you're a large group...

You'll be able to choose your favorite themes and ask questions about your favorite worlds! Thanks to the jokers, general knowledge won't be your only asset. Fun guaranteed!