Looking for a moment of relaxation on your own, with your partner or in a small group? Funbooker offers you spa sessions, treatments or thalassotherapy all over France. Select the wellness area of your choice and enjoy a special moment in one of our spas!

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Nantes day SPA in Nantes (44)

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Spa treatments in Lyon (69)

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SPA at "PureSpa" in Annecy (74)

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SPA & massage duo on the shores of Lake Annecy

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Spa: everything you need to know about hydrotherapy centers 🧖

Would you like to enjoy a moment of well-being during a day at a spa? Thanks to Funbooker, find the best establishments where you can relax alone or accompanied by your friends, colleagues or family members.

What is a spa?

A spa is a wellness establishment devoted entirely to treatments, aesthetics and relaxation. A spa is a treatment area based on hydrotherapy and, more precisely, balneotherapy - health through water. It features a variety of specific water-based facilities, including whirlpool baths, saunas and steam rooms.

A range of relaxing beauty treatments complete the offer, including massages, scrubs and facials. A professional is on hand to carry out the treatments and take care of you !

The spa offers you a true interlude of escape, relaxation and unwinding. The body relaxes, the skin is cleansed, the nerves are released and the mind is soothed.

What wellness treatments are available at a spa?

A variety of treatments are available in a spa. Discover them with Funbooker!

1️⃣ Body massage

Carried out by professionals, massages are numerous and varied in nature. They vary according to the professionals' specialties. Their aim is to :

  • relax the body's muscles,
  • relieve tension,
  • relax the whole body.

Localized massages are also often offered in spas: facial, back, leg and foot massages.

2️⃣ Hydrotherapy treatment

These water-related treatments provide both fitness and relaxation. Whether cold or hot, water has many virtues and benefits. Treatments can take the form of showers or hydromassage baths with jets.

3️⃣ Scrubs and peels

A typical spa beauty treatment, exfoliation cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes dead skin cells. The result is extremely soft skin.

It's ideal during or just after a hammam, when the skin has sweated and pores are open. Scrubs are ideal for combating ingrown hairs. Peeling is more for the face.

Peeling is a more aggressive, more abrasive exfoliation. Its aim is to renew facial skin and give it a new radiance.

4️⃣ Mask and body wrap

A classic aesthetic treatment, face masks have a variety of virtues: nourishing, moisturizing, remodeling, skin radiance, etc. They are applied to meet specific needs. They are applied to provide the skin with a precise need.

Body wraps generally last around 30 minutes. They cover the entire body with a specific treatment. Both aesthetic and relaxing, body wraps allow you to recharge your batteries while taking care of your skin as a whole.

5️⃣ Facial care

Facial treatments at the spa are very varied and different. They generally last between 30 and 60 minutes and include a number of steps: cleansing, exfoliation, mask, sculpting and massage.

A pure moment of beauty and relaxation in the expert hands of spa professionals. Some specific, targeted treatments focus on oily and acne-prone skin, working on blackheads for example.

Other treatments focus on hydration and nutrition to combat even the most parched skin. Still others target more mature skin with age spots, for example.

6️⃣ Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a highly effective cold treatment. Much appreciated by athletes, who recover faster thanks to cryotherapy, this technique is also a multi-purpose skin care treatment.

Anti-cellulite, anti-cellulite and a more radiant complexion, the skin is firmer and more toned after a session. Microcirculation is boosted. At the spa, you'll have access to a full-body cryotherapy cabin. The session lasts no more than 3 minutes at -110°C.

7️⃣ Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is ideal for combating water retention and poor blood and venous circulation. Similar to lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy is a massage and drainage technique with numerous benefits.

In particular, it has a significant impact on cellulite. You put on boots that inflate and deflate, from foot to hip. The session lasts around 30 minutes and is painless.