Archery Tag

Try your hand at Archery Tag with Funbooker. Armed with your bow, foam-tipped arrows and a protective helmet, take on your opponents in a variety of fun-filled game modes. From team battles to target shooting, there's something for everyone.

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Archery Tag in Reims (51)

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Archery Tag in Cambrai (59)

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Archery in Caen (14)

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Archery in Curley near Dijon (21)

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Archery Tag in Saint-Malo (35)


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Archery Tag in La Roche-sur-Yon (85)


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Archery Tag in Lyon (69)

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Archery Tag: everything you need to know about this activity?

Archery Tag is a democratized version of archery, because it's more flexible and less dangerous. This leisure activity has taken advantage of the modern game codes of paintball, which involves hitting your opponents with paintballs.

With Funbooker, book your game anywhere in France, for Archery Tag in Paris or elsewhere.

What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is a new concept that combines archery and paintball. Imported from the United States, this discipline is becoming increasingly popular. Many curious people in search of an unusual and fun sport are taking it up! More challenging than target archery, archery is nonetheless an activity within the reach of anyone capable of moving from one shelter to another.

The aim of the game is simple: eliminate the opposing team by shooting at its members or its 5 fixed targets. Armed with a bow and arrow, you'll need to protect your camp at all costs. Players need to show cohesion, composure and strategy to anticipate shots and hit their opponents.

Easy, fun and safe, Archery Tag will delight young and old alike. It's the ideal way to spend a convivial, fun-filled moment at a bachelor party, with friends or your colleagues.

Course of play and game modes

How a game of archery tag unfolds depends on the game mode selected. Nevertheless, the format remains fairly generic:

  • Welcome and briefing on rules and game modes
  • Presentation, equipment and initiation for neophytes
  • It's off to a fun and sporting battle! Players are divided into teams and can only move within a delimited zone (their own camp and the neutral zone, but not the opposing team's zone).

There are several game modes:

  • Team deathmatch or survival mode: a player hit by an arrow is eliminated. The team with all players eliminated loses.
  • Prisoner: if you're hit, you're a prisoner in the opposing camp. Your team-mates can free you by touching you. The first team to hit all 5 opposing targets wins.
  • The doctor: each team has a doctor with the power to heal players who have been hit. The aim is to neutralize the opposing team's doctor.

Where to play Archery Tag?

Archery Tag can be played anywhere. There are plenty of dedicated areas, so you can vary the pleasures! Games are supervised and booked in advance, with different packages available.

Indoor: in indoor soccer centers

Some establishments specialize in Archery Tag. These playgrounds are perfectly equipped to enable you to play in optimal conditions, whatever the weather. Venue hire is tailored to every need: birthday parties, evg, evjf for the whole family...

The Bump Games franchise has forged partnerships with Urban Soccer and Le Five centers, so you can play whatever the weather.

Outdoor: in leisure parks

Nature and amusement parks are ideal for Archery Tag. By hiding behind trees in the middle of a forest, or behind artificial structures (wooden pallets, inflatable pillars, piles of tires...), you can enjoy an open-air setting to let off steam in the sunshine. Various activity centers, such as paintball and accrobranche, also offer Archery Tag.