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With Funbooker, discover the best driving experiences for children on 15 circuits in France. Your child can take the wheel of legendary cars such as Ferraris, Porsches or even Lamborghinis, accompanied by an instructor. An ideal activity to give as a gift.

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Junior Driving Experience: An Ideal Activity for Young Car Enthusiasts

The Procedure

A junior driving experience involves driving a sports car on a track by completing several laps. In the context of junior driving experiences, you can offer your child the unique experience of a course to learn about driving and racing techniques on a track with the assistance of specialized instructors.

During this experience, your child will be able to master the asphalt, control the turns, and speed down the straightaways! Excitement is guaranteed, and an unforgettable moment is to be expected. During these sessions, autonomy is given to the child to deepen their knowledge and explore higher-end vehicles.

As a parent, you can only admire such a spectacle! In most cases, you can also ride along in the vehicle as a passenger to enjoy this special moment. An opportunity not to be missed to please everyone.

Available Cars

Above all, they will have the chance to experience the adventure aboard real cars, such as Ferraris, Porsches, or even Lamborghinis! Driving is done in complete safety during this "discovery lesson," where the child is behind the wheel while the instructor manages the pedals.



The Juniors track at the legendary Circuit Paul Ricard, specially adapted for children, awaits you! Com 1 grand offers three formulas tailored to children to introduce them to the joys of driving on a track.

The discovery lesson is reserved for new students: initiation allows the child to learn the basics of driving and take their first spins on the track. Private lessons will then allow them to do a session at the wheel of a Mini Cooper or a Smart Roadster to improve their skills.

Finally, the elite formula will allow the child to enjoy a total of 40 minutes of lessons divided into two sessions of 20 minutes at the wheel of 2 different cars, for a first experience full of thrills! They will be able to explore higher-end vehicles specially adapted.

Formula Kids

Formula Kids offers your child the opportunity to try a driving experience on a track aboard a Ferrari F430, the legendary red car with the rearing horse that often represents the ultimate dream for everyone!

Accessible from the age of 13, the activity will allow your child to hold the wheel accompanied by a professional driver in a vehicle equipped with dual controls.

After a briefing and reconnaissance laps to build confidence, the child will learn steering gestures, eye projection, and concepts related to acceleration and braking.

Quality facilities and private, secure spaces allow all driving fundamentals to be approached in the best conditions. This is an exceptional experience within everyone's reach.

Motorsport Academy

Motorsport Academy and its partner Formula Kids offer driving experiences for children on 8 circuits in France, including Fontenay le Comte, a karting circuit located in Vendée that offers an ideal layout for speed!

Accessible from 7 years old, equipped with a racing suit, children discover the passion of motorsport aboard prestigious cars. If your child enjoys the world of motorsport, you can introduce them to this exciting world safely.

The perfect opportunity for a birthday or Christmas. The experience consists of welcome, briefing, equipment handover and vehicle familiarization, warm-up and driving laps as a pilot, then debriefing at the end of the session before the diploma presentation. A moment to share with the family!