Flower Workshop

Funbooker refers you to the best floral workshops to create your own bouquet or personalized flower arrangement. Awaken your creative spirit with the help of an artisan florist or in a specialized store!

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Floral workshop: an immersion in the world of plants and flowers

Got a green thumb? On Funbooker, you'll find a wide range of plant workshops (dried wreaths, terrariums, bonsai, etc.). Book a floral workshop and spend a relaxing day surrounded by plants!

What's a floral workshop?

Potting plants and flowers

This horticultural operation helps plants grow better. To do this, remove the plant from its original pot, cut off any damaged roots with secateurs and place it in a new pot with potting soil.

Creating flower bouquets

Learn how to create a seasonal bouquet, remove foliage from stems and bevel them to optimize water absorption.

Drying and preserving plants

Before dehydrating plants, it's important to keep them hydrated by placing them in the fridge. There are many ways to dry them (silica gel, oven, open air...). They can then be preserved with glycerine or by pressure (book, flower press with tightening knob...).

Creating flower objects

Once the flowers have dried, you can use them to make a herbarium or wreath. You can also embed them in objects (candles with flowers set in wax).

Ideas for original floral workshops

Plant and customize your pot

During this floral workshop, you'll experiment with potting, then customize your pot by painting colorful patterns.

Create your own seasonal bouquet

Alongside a florist, you'll discover how to compose an attractive, harmonious floral bouquet with seasonal flowers (hyacinths, peonies, roses and lilacs in spring; daisies and hydrangeas in summer; chrysanthemums and dahlias in autumn; anemones and hellebores in winter).

Introduction to the art of bonsai

This traditional Chinese art, adopted by Japan, involves growing and sculpting a dwarf tree in a pot. Learn how to prune your first bonsai!

Create your own door wreath

In this course, you'll create a magnificent Christmas wreath to place on your door at the entrance to your home.