Laser Game

Book your laser game online at the best centers in France at the best rates. Compete in teams with laser pistols in a dark labyrinth or outdoors. Your objective? Score as many points as possible. Ideal with friends or for a child's birthday party.

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Laser Game Paris 11th

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Laser Game at Créteil Soleil (94)

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Laser Game in Coubron (93)


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Laser Game in Lognes (77)

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Laser Game in Vert-Saint-Denis (77)

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Laser Game in Chamoux (89)

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Laser Game: everything you need to know about this fun activity

On Funbooker, you'll find Laser Game centers all over France, where you can have fun like Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.

Laser Tag is available all over France: you can play a Laser Game in Paris, Lille, Lyon...

What is a Laser Game?

It's a game in which players are equipped with a vest or chest protector with laser sensors, and a laser pistol that fires an infrared beam.

It's usually played indoors, in specially-designed dark mazes with lots of nooks and crannies and background music! Some structures offer outdoor laser games.

This game can be played for a variety of occasions: a child's birthday party at the laser game, a bachelor's party, an outing with friends or even a Team Building event.

Types of Laser Game

There are 3 main categories of Laser Game.

Obscure Labyrinths

You compete in the dark, with loud music and plenty of places to hide. These are the most popular Laser Games, and you'll find them at Laser Game Evolution.

Virtual reality arena Laser Game

The latest fashionable game mode, you compete in an arena with a virtual reality headset, as at EVA.GG.

Outdoor Laser Game

Equipped with a sensor helmet and a laser pistol, you'll face off in a natural outdoor environment. Halfway between paintball and laser tag, it's the perfect summer activity!

How does a game go?

Games last 20 minutes. As a team, you'll be assigned a color on your breastplate so you can be identified by your allies and opponents.

Counting can vary according to game mode, but be aware that shooting a teammate will deduct points from your score. Traps can be set up within the mazes to make the game even more fun: if you walk past one, you'll lose points and be immobilized for a few seconds!

Laser Game rules

There are a few rules to observe: hand-to-hand combat and contact are forbidden, it's forbidden to chase down an immobilized opponent and shoot at him again, and above all, players must not hide their target.

Putting the arms in front of the faceplate prevents points from being counted correctly, which isn't ideal from a fair play point of view! Finally, it is forbidden to lie or crouch down to hide. At the start of the game, a briefing will be given by the laser game center team.

Game modes

There are different game modes.


In a vampire world, you glide through a world of darkness with no light whatsoever. The aim is to hold on to your targets for as long as possible, as they provide the light for your base.


The labyrinth is divided into zones, and the aim is to take the zones, much as you would in a military battle! The bases are set high up, and their color indicates which team dominates that base. The team with the most bases at the end of the game wins!


3 teams are in the labyrinth, and each team designates a king, the other players being knights. If a king manages to hit a knight several times, the knight joins the king's team!

A few tips on how to be strong at Laser Game

If you want to beat your opponents, you'll need to be strategic and precise. Dress in dark colors and know your way around the course, which will give you a big advantage. It's also a good idea to position yourself sideways, so that your faceplate isn't too visible.

If you'd like to go one step further, take a look at our guide on how to play.