Puppy Yoga

Thanks to Funbooker, you'll be able to take advantage of a range of yoga classes with puppies. If you enjoy canine company, Puppy Yoga is the perfect opportunity to relax. So don't wait any longer to book your session!

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Puppy Yoga: everything you need to know about this new trend

If you love well-being and animals, this is the activity for you! Unusual, Puppy or Kitty Yoga attracts many curious yogi and novices all over France.

What is Puppy Yoga?

Puppy Yoga is an activity that's really catching on! Its principle is both simple and original: practise yoga in the company of small puppies, under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

The sessions are similar to classic yoga sessions, except that the adorable puppies are present in the room. Each session is divided into a time for postures, and a time for cuddling.

What are the benefits of Puppy Yoga?

The benefits of Puppy Yoga are numerous! Combining the benefits of yoga with the joyful presence of pets helps to :

  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • improve flexibility and muscle strength,
  • combat depression and low mood,
  • improve your general well-being.

Of course, our four-legged friends benefit too! Interacting with participants enhances their social development, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the company of humans.

How is puppy welfare guaranteed?

To ensure the puppies' well-being, Puppy Yoga centers have put in place strict measures: permanent access to water, monitoring of room temperature, presence of a reassuring figure for the puppies...

Instructors also teach participants a few essential rules to preserve the animals' autonomy: don't disturb a puppy who is resting, don't force him to stay with you if he wants to leave, etc.

Puppies attending the sessions are generally brought in by breeders or from local animal shelters. The proximity of the puppy's home to the yoga center is also important, as it reduces travel time.

Where can I practice Puppy Yoga in France?

Straight from America, Puppy Yoga is now present in most of France's major cities. Discover our selection of the best centers offering this activity!

Puppy Yoga Club

Puppy Yoga Club is a benchmark in Puppy Yoga. In a soothing setting, beginners and experienced yogis are invited to book their session in the company of adorable puppies.

Present in several French towns, Puppy Yoga club is a place for relaxation, well-being and contact with animals.

On Funbooker, you can book your sessions at Puppy Yoga Club in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille!

Puppy Yoga Bordeaux

Visit the center run by Victoria and Philippe, a couple from Bordeaux with a passion for sports and dogs, to relax your muscles alongside adorable furballs.

First, a yoga teacher will introduce you to various exercises for letting go: the head-down dog, the cobra posture, the bridge... And then, the puppies will come on stage! You'll be able to relax while enjoying their presence.

👉 Info and booking here

Puppy Yoga Paris

Puppy Yoga Paris is the brainchild of a yoga and animal enthusiast who discovered Puppy Yoga in London. The studio offers 1-hour sessions, comprising 20 minutes of postures and 40 minutes of cuddles and games.

At Puppy Yoga Paris, puppies are surrounded by love, in a place that feels like their haven. Each session welcomes a different breed of puppy.

Puppies And Yoga

With an international presence, Puppies and Yoga is based in Paris, in the prestigious setting of the Canopy by Hilton Trocadéro hotel. During sessions, you'll share a unique moment with pomsky, golden retriever or American shepherd puppies.

Each 1-hour session begins with 30 minutes of postures adapted to all levels, followed by 30 minutes of relaxation with the puppies.

Zen Puppies

In the heart of Paris, Zen Puppies offers the most relaxing setting for discovering Puppy Yoga. After 25 minutes of postures, you'll enjoy 30 minutes of cuddles with the puppies.

The breeder is present at every session to answer your questions and ensure the animals' well-being. Everything is planned to maximize your happiness, and that of our 4-legged companions!

Puppy N Yoga

Present in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier, the Puppy'n Yoga studio is the brainchild of Marine, daughter of a veterinarian and graduate of 5 yoga courses. To ensure the puppies' well-being, classes are held in groups of 12 or less.

At each session, 4 to 6 puppies roam freely between your legs while you perform the postures. 20% of the space is reserved for them, so they can take a break between cuddling sessions.

Pawsitive Yoga

Designed to provide a positive experience for puppies and humans alike, Pawsitive Yoga selects its breeders according to strict animal welfare criteria.

During the sessions, the animals have maximum freedom, which doesn't prevent them from being very cuddly with the yogis. Pawistive Yoga is present in 10 French cities: Paris, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, Toulouse, Lille, Lyon and Marseille.

Puppy Yoga Center Lyon

In Lyon, the Puppy Yoga Center studio introduces you to Puppy Yoga in a soothing setting, where the watchword is benevolence.

Goldens, pugs, dachshunds and Australian shepherds play around you during the postures, followed by a 20-minute break for relaxation and cuddles. A real moment of happiness and tenderness!