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Make the most of your natural surroundings on an all-terrain electric scooter! Funbooker has selected the best rides for you to book anywhere in France. Best price guaranteed, gift voucher available.

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Renting off-road electric scooters: the ultimate guide

All you need to know about off-road e-trott touring

What's an e-trott?

All-terrain electric scooters are environmentally-friendly vehicles. Thanks to their electric motors and large wheels, they are gradually replacing traditional bicycles. Electric scooters make it easy to go wherever you want! For visiting little-known parts of our regions, the all-terrain scooter, like a mountain bike, allows its owner to travel on trails, steep paths and so on.

How do they differ from city scooters?

All-terrain electric scooters are particularly different from basic electric scooters in terms of motor power, which can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h on flat ground and climb inclines of up to 25°, but also in terms of autonomy, battery type (lithium or lead-acid), comfort features (luggage, water bottle holder) and steering system.

For what occasions?

This is a great activity for team-building, a bachelor party, or if you've just given this as a birthday present, the people involved are bound to be delighted! Enjoying the scenery on board an adapted electric scooter is the perfect way to give pleasure while discovering magnificent environments.

How an electric scooter tour works

The procedure for an electric scooter tour is fairly standard, whatever the provider:

  • You'll be greeted by our on-site teams, and introduced to your guides.
  • You'll then have a short briefing on the machine, usually lasting less than 15 minutes.
  • Then it's time to suit up for a safe ride: helmets are a must in all situations!
  • You're ready to set off for several hours of riding in the forest, woods or plains!

The top 5 most beautiful rides on an electric scooter

  • Lake Annecy and its sumptuous landscapes
  • Escape to the forest of Fontainebleau
  • Les Tourrettes, a ride through lush green countryside
  • Hiking at Bourdic in the Gard
  • A walk on the plateaux of the Côstières de Nîmes