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Best of Paris" electric bike tour


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Fête de la Laine at the Saint Denis Open Farm


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Créteil Pompadour climbing park in Choisy-le-Roi (94)


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Accrobranche park in Chaville (92)


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Accrobranche park in Rueil-Malmaison (92)


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Visit to La Ferme de Gally de Sartrouville 2024


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Accrobranche park in Bièvres (91)


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A guide to the best nature activities

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Are you more the nature-loving type who enjoys simple pleasures? Take the whole family, or your better half, on a romantic weekend away to a nature park or forest for an extraordinary time of water sports, aquatic activities and attractions of all kinds!

Tree climbing

Accrobranche is a great activity to enjoy with family and friends! Accessible from a very young age, the activity involves climbing to the treetops and completing high-level courses.

You'll be faced with a variety of challenges, including monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps and zip lines. Tree climbing parks are generally located in forests or wooded areas, accelerating the sense of disorientation!

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Hiking and nature walks

Open-air walks on various itineraries allow you to discover nature and its treasures! Whether by quad bike, bicycle or horseback, you can admire the local flora and fauna of a region on hiking trails. We've selected the best guides for you, so you can admire France's beautiful regions from a different angle!

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Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is an activity that involves climbing a rock face. Equipped with a harness, you are connected to a cable on a continuous lifeline. This allows you to negotiate obstacles in complete safety! You'll enjoy breathtaking views once you reach the top of the peaks!

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Survival courses

If you're a fan of Koh-Lanta, why not push your limits on a survival course? Many professionals, usually former military personnel, organize survival weekends during which you'll learn how to live in a hostile environment.

You'll learn how to build a fire, set up a shelter, detect consumable plants, prepare traps, fish... All this to enable you to evolve autonomously in the wild.

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Caving is the activity of exploring underground cavities. Accompanied by a guide, you'll have to sneak into the cave to explore the depths and see some grandiose underground spectacles.

You'll discover columns, pillars, stalagmites, underground rivers and other special features. This unusual activity is a real change of scenery, and allows you to discover places little explored by man.

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Canyoning is an aquatic activity practiced in a natural environment. It involves descending a river, usually a canyon or gorge, with a guide. Halfway between hiking and white-water swimming, you'll have to overcome numerous obstacles to reach the bottom of the canyon.

These include natural slides, jumping waterfalls, ziplines and water basins. Wearing a neoprene wetsuit, you'll be able to enjoy the most beautiful scenery.

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