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With Funbooker, book your Escape Room anywhere in France at the best price. As a team, you'll have to rack your brains and solve puzzles to get out of the room in under 60 minutes. Compare missions, scenarios and room difficulty levels to find the perfect match.

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Escape Room: everything you need to know 🕵️

Looking for adventure? Want to put your brain to the test and solve some puzzles? Discover the pleasures of the Escape Game, an immersive game of reflection and strategy.

With Funbooker, it's easy to book a game at one of over a hundred partner centers throughout France.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms have their origins in Asia, and since 2013 have become increasingly popular in France.

The Escape Room principle

The principle of the escape room is simple: it's a life-size escape game with a time limit! You and your team are locked in a room, a house or an unusual location on a specific theme. To escape, you'll have to rack your brains and find clues that will help you solve the main enigma!

The concept is part escape game, part treasure hunt, part puzzle game. You generally have 60 minutes to find the solution.

Examples of Escape Rooms

In France, you'll find many Escape Rooms offering fun-filled scenarios:

  • Hint Hunt, one of France's leading Escape Room venues, where you can enjoy captivating puzzles such as The Pirate's Secret, Stranger Signs, James Murdock's Office, Dracula... ;
  • Team Break, a network of Escape Room agencies, as well as Action Game and quiz rooms;
  • Escape Hunt, where you can have fun while immersing yourself in a unique immersive adventure;
  • Victory, the biggest live Escape Room in Paris!

Indoor or outdoor Escape Game: make your choice

The democratization of Escape Room has multiplied the number of offers all over France. You can now choose from several types of Escape Room:

Indoor Live Escape Room

You're locked in a room according to a set scenario and have 60 minutes to escape. The best-known version of an Escape Room.

Survivor Escape Room

Here, you'll play in an extended, highly realistic setting, usually with a horror or zombie theme.

Outdoor Escape Game

Similar to urban rallies or treasure hunts, these Escape Rooms, generally on smartphones, allow you to discover a city through fun-filled enigmas.

VR Escape Game

VR Escape Games: many virtual reality venues now offer VR escape games. Equipped with a headset, you'll have to solve puzzles in a parallel universe.

How does an Escape Room work?

An Escape Room is a game played by several people (usually 4 or more) to encourage collaboration. The flow of the game is often the same:

  • You are greeted by a Game Master, who will explain the rules of the game and the room's scenario. The briefing usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • You have 60 minutes to complete your mission. If you get stuck, the Game Master will give you a few clues to help you move forward.
  • A short team debriefing followed by a photo to immortalize the mission.

The Escape Room: the ultimate group game!

An escape room is a great activity for groups, and can be played on many occasions:

  • EVG & EVJF: an original idea for a bachelor party, you can put the bride and groom right in the middle of the action.
  • Children's birthday parties: some venues offer specially adapted scenarios for children, with a room available for the birthday party.
  • Team Building: the Escape Game is a must for Team Building. This activity promotes team cohesion and enhances communication and teamwork with your colleagues.