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Find the best floatation centers on Funbooker. Book a floatation session in sensory isolation at a center anywhere in France. This relaxing experience in salt water offers many benefits for body and mind.

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Floating in sensory isolation: all you need to know

What is floating?

If you're looking for an absolutely innovative relaxation experience, we can't recommend flotation enough. It's an anti-stress method that involves plunging into a saltwater capsule at room temperature and remaining weightless.

For 1 hour or more! First developed in the mid-50s for scientific purposes, floatation in sensory isolation has now become a highly sought-after relaxation method for those seeking the ultimate in meditation.

How does a floatation session work?

Step 1️⃣

  • You enter a water capsule filled with Epstom salt (known for its therapeutic properties).
  • Step 2️⃣

  • You float in the water, with no sound and very little light. Music will be played for a few minutes, before total silence sets in, so that you can fully enjoy this unique moment of relaxation.
  • Step 3️⃣

  • At the end of your session, you'll enjoy a shower and a herbal tea in the relaxation corner.
  • What are the benefits of floating in sensory isolation?

    As well as being relaxing, a floatation session in sensory isolation can bring you many benefits!

    ➡️ Benefits for the body

    Floatation has a boosting effect on the human body, observable for up to 14 days after the session. It relieves muscle pain, reduces fatigue and significantly lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

    Some studies have also shown that this relaxation method is beneficial for certain chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia or Lyme disease, as its elimination of toxins strengthens the immune system.

    Last but not least, floatation is of great benefit to pregnant women.

    ➡️ Benefits for the mind

    A floatation session is highly beneficial for the mind, as it has the same effects as a sedative. It greatly reduces stress, improves concentration and memorization, and unblocks bad addictions (tobacco, alcohol, sugar).

    Floating also has therapeutic effects on people suffering from depression, as Epsom salt soothes the nervous system, regulates anxiety hormones and releases endorphins (the happiness hormone).