Looking for a moment of relaxation? Funbooker has selected the best massage establishments for you to enjoy a service at the best price. From Thai to Balinese to shiatsu, let yourself be pampered by the expert hands of massage professionals.

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Hammam & scrub in Paris 4th district

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Massage in Paris 3rd district

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Fish Spa in Paris 2nd district

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Massage in Paris 9th district

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Balinese massage in Paris 11th

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Shiatsu Massage in Paris 14th

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Body massage: everything you need to know

After a hard day's work, an intensive sports session... massage is the ideal body treatment to relax you! It'll bring you real soothing relief, allowing you to reconnect with yourself.

The origins of massage: the birth of massage therapy

Massage was already practiced in ancient times! It was used as a means of healing to relieve the sick. Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods in the Far East, alongside pharmacopoeia, acupuncture and moxibustion.

Asia, in particular India and China, has made massage so widespread. In Roman times, massage had no therapeutic dimension.

The benefits of massage

Massage has many benefits. In particular, it relieves :

  • stress and anxiety ;
  • blood and lymph circulation ;
  • muscle relief ;
  • posture;
  • oxytocin and endorphin ;
  • insomnia or poor digestion ;
  • skin elasticity and tone.

Different types of massage

Massages can be short or long, invigorating or gentle, focused on all or part of the body, seated or lying down, with or without essential oils. There are many different gestural techniques (kneading, stroking, pressure, etc.). Discover the most popular with Funbooker!

➡️ Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi Lomi is a very popular massage, originating in the tradition of Hawaiian healers. Conceived as a true ritual, it is characterized by its deep, fluid movements, encouraging you to let go.

A source of balance and serenity, Lomi Lomi massage reduces muscular tension, while improving sleep and stress management.

➡️ Balinese massage

Originating in Indonesia, Balinese massage is inspired by several ancestral techniques from India and China. Both invigorating and relaxing, this full-body, deep-tissue massage is performed on the floor.

There are several variations of Balinese massage, all of which aim to relieve physical and mental pain and restore your inner harmony.

➡️ Shiatsu massage

A well-known technique of Japanese origin, shiatsu massage is inspired by Chinese energy medicine. It uses different types of pressure to harmonize the circulation of Qi, the vital energy.

Highly appreciated for its soothing virtues, shiatsu massage also combats fatigue, improves mood and relieves all kinds of pain and tension.

➡️ Massage Ko Bi Do

An ancestral massage from Japan, Kobido is a facial massage with numerous anti-aging benefits. It is based on a very precise gesture, which stimulates skin microcirculation while boosting elastin and collagen production.

The beauty secret of Japanese women, this massage helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while bringing radiance and freshness to your complexion.

➡️ Californian massage

A deep, intense relaxation massage, Californian massage originated in the USA in the 1970s. Considered the ultimate relaxing massage, it is one of the most popular techniques used in wellness centers.

Gentle and rhythmic, Californian massage combines glides, strokes, pressure and kneading that follow the body's meridian lines.

➡️ Ayurvedic massage

Derived from traditional Indian medicine, Ayurvedic massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Indian sages used it to balance the doshas, or temperaments, that determine an individual's health.

Today, Ayurvedic massage is one of the most popular wellness massages. It relaxes muscular tissue, improves stress management and enhances daily vitality.

➡️ Thai massage

A traditional Asian technique, Thai massage is a holistic massage with numerous benefits. Its three main components are energetic manoeuvres, stretching and the practitioner's meditative attitude.

Together, these elements stimulate blood and energy circulation, resulting in an intense sense of well-being on all levels.

➡️ Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is distinguished by its intense gestures that act on the various muscle layers. Highly appreciated by athletes, it is ideal for releasing tension and promoting recovery.

As soothing for the mind as it is for the body, Deep Tissue massage also helps relieve stress after a hard day's work.

➡️ Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a manual massage known for its detoxifying and anti-cellulite properties. Originating in Brazil, this massage uses precise, rhythmic movements that follow the path of the lymphatic vessels and nodes.

In addition to reducing water retention and cellulite, lymphatic drainage provides a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Wellness establishments for massage

Well-being massages can be performed in a variety of locations, all of which have in common that they are run by body-care professionals and comply with strict hygiene standards.

➡️ Massage parlors

The massage parlour is undoubtedly the first place you think of for a quality massage. Around the massage table, the entire ambience is designed to promote relaxation: lights, music, Zen or Oriental decor...

Massage parlors offer a wide range of services, although they often specialize in one or two techniques (Ayurvedic, relaxing, Thai...).

➡️ Hammam

The hammam has its origins in Roman and Oriental thermal baths. With deep roots in tradition, the hammam offers gentle heat at around 50°C, promoting relaxation and purification of the body.

The benefits of the hammam include muscle relaxation, toxin elimination, skin purification and strengthening of the immune system. Often, other treatments such as scrubbing or massage are combined with this experience to enhance its benefits!

➡️ Sauna

The sauna originated in Scandinavia. It offers intense dry heat of up to 100°C. Renowned for its beneficial effects on muscles and the elimination of toxins, the sauna offers a revitalizing experience.

As in a hammam, saunas regularly offer massage services.

➡️ Spa

The spa is a space dedicated to body regeneration, relaxation, meditation and beauty. An irresistible holistic treatment. With hot bubble baths or hydromassage jets, spa pools and jacuzzis contribute to your well-being.

Spas also offer a range of relaxing and therapeutic massages.

➡️ Medical practice

It's also possible to receive a massage in a medical practice. Performed by medical professionals, these treatments differ from wellness massages in that they are considered therapeutic massages.

Most often, these massages are performed by masseur-physiotherapists, who specialize in massage therapy. They can be used to treat a number of pains and pathologies for which a medical prescription may be required.