Scavenger Hunt

Discover the best scavenger hunts for adults and children in all major French cities. Solve riddles, find clues, follow trails or go on treasure hunts to find the solution. Ideal for birthday parties or team building.

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Arsène Lupin's Last Secret" survey in Paris


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Christmas Market in Paris


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The scavenger hunt, or how to combine a visit with a fun outing!

Would you like to share a convivial moment with family and friends? Then organize a scavenger hunt! Brainstorming as a group to solve the riddles of a treasure hunt is a great way to discover the town from a different angle, and to bond with each explorer.

All about scavenger hunts

What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is an activity in which you follow a trail marked out by clues. Thanks to the clues you collect by solving riddles, you'll reach the end of a trail strewn with pitfalls. Clues can be a treasure map, a roadmap, a puzzle, keywords or a scroll.

The different types of scavenger hunt: everything you need to know to choose the right adventure.

Today's scavenger hunts have evolved considerably, and there are many different types of treasure hunt:

  • Classic trails: you'll be given a paper trail, a pencil and a map. Once you've set the scene, you follow the instructions to investigate and solve the challenges step by step. There's a starting point and a finishing line, usually the conclusion of the puzzle. The terrain can cover a neighborhood, or even an entire city. So bring good shoes!
  • Outdoor escape games: taking part in an escape game means trying to solve a riddle as a team in order to get out of the place in which you're trapped. A scavenger hunt alternates physical challenges and questions. In both cases, fun is guaranteed.
  • Geocaching : with your GPS, usually on your smartphone, you have to find caches all over the world. These boxes are full of little scavenger, usually worthless trinkets!
  • Digital tre asure hunts: for some time now, digital enigmas have been making their appearance. The growing use of smartphones has led to the development of a new type of fun game. Using a QR code, a web page or similar, you can locate clues to solve the investigation. There are no animators here, just a cell phone to guide you and help you find the solution to the enigma!
  • Treasure hunts: this fun, group activity is particularly popular with children.
  • Murder parties: the aim here is to solve an investigation and find the culprit behind a crime. Popular with companies and birthday parties alike, Murder Parties were made famous by the game Cluedo. Here, you'll have to conduct the investigation like a real detective.

A free or paid scavenger hunt? Don't overlook quality!

Would you like to play for free? It's possible! There are two solutions. Either opt for a free online version to download or print out. Alternatively, you can create riddles for the children to think about in order to discover the treasure.

Paid games, however, are generally of much higher quality. The challenges and puzzles to be solved are more elaborate, and the treasures more rewarding.

Our guide to the best scavenger hunts by city

Not sure which scavenger hunt to choose? Funbooker has selected the best treasure hunts in France's main cities. Follow the guide!


If you're organizing a scavenger hunt in Paris, we highly recommend Qui Veut Pister's "Crime à Saint-Germain" scavenger hunt. You can solve an investigation in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Or opt for a treasure hunt in Montmartre, one of Funbooker's biggest successes. Le Complot de l'Oeillet in the Marais is also a must with great historical anecdotes.


For a scavenger hunt in Lyon, we recommend the "Panique dans le Vieux Lyon" trail, also offered by Qui Veut Pister Lyon. It will take you from Lyon Cathedral to Place Saint-Jean for an exceptional adventure.


Citeamup offers urban rallies in several French cities, ideal for a scavenger hunt in Nantes. You can walk the streets of the city center with instructions directly on your smartphone.


The game "Vol au Vieux-Lille" is certainly the best treasure hunt in Lille. A precious treasure has been stolen, and you need to find it as quickly as possible. Start by interviewing a few witnesses...


We recommend the "Vol au Capitole" treasure hunt, without doubt the best treasure hunt in Toulouse. Ideal for families and accessible from age 7, you'll have to find a precious parchment for the pink city.


For beer lovers, l'Echappée Bière offers an activity combining a treasure hunt and beer tasting. Scour the city's bars and enjoy local beers while solving riddles. With a scenario set in the Middle Ages, it's an excellent way to discover the city. Definitely a must if you're looking for a treasure hunt in Bordeaux.