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Discover all the guided tours and city tours available throughout France. Funbooker has put together a selection of tourist activities ideal for discovering Paris, Lyon, Marseille or any other city in France.

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2CV car ride in Paris

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Arsène Lupin's Last Secret" survey in Paris


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Best of Paris" electric bike tour


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Running Tour "Run the secrets of Paris".


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Running Tour "Paris, Je t'aime!"


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Course des Lumières in Paris


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The best guided tours are on Funbooker

With its rich history, France has a highly developed cultural and religious heritage. To fully appreciate these legacies of the past, thousands of guides offer a complete tour. Whether you're sightseeing in the city or out in the countryside, a specialized guide can help you make the most of your visit.

Exceptional museums

With their breathtaking collections, France's museums are real windows on history.

The Louvre

The Louvre and its paintings are among the best-known. During a guided tour, the curious can learn more about the history of each work. The Mona Lisa is a must-see, but you can't miss the Venus de Milo, the Raft of the Medusa or Liberty Guiding the People.

Palace of Versailles

For its part, Versailles couldn't be a better representative of the Renaissance period in France. The home of the Sun King gives an accurate picture of life at the time. From the sumptuous Hall of Mirrors to the King's bedroom, a specialized guide will reveal all the secrets. The character of Louis XIV will be better understood thanks to this specialist's explanations. Bringing the visit to life, he adds to the magic of the place.

Learn about the history of major monuments

Every century has seen the construction of monuments in France. The country is dotted with places of character to discover. If they impress, a guided tour will help you understand the origin of the Eiffel Tower. A participant in an incredible World's Fair in 1889, it remains the symbol of France today. For Mother's Day, a guided tour for two will be fascinating.

From Mont Saint-Michel to Strasbourg Cathedral, our cultural guides offer a unique moment of discovery. The information shared on the history of these monuments will fascinate all visitors. They give an insight into the birth of this tourist attraction.

Castles in every corner of the country

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, sovereigns wanted to leave their mark on their lands. Versailles and the châteaux of the Loire are proof of this. Chambord, Amboise, Chenonceau, Chinon and others each have their own history. A guided tour will help you discover these differences.

Must-sees in major cities

Every French region has its own special features. From Paris, the City of Light, to Lyon and its traffic jams, only guides know how to offer a complete guided tour. After having mapped out a route through the city, the guide will follow a series of stages to visit the must-sees.

The Sacré Coeur or the Place du Trocadéro are often added to a sightseeing tour of the capital. In Lyon, the traboules and the Place Bellecour will of course be on the program.

Nature outings with a guide

Guided tours are not just about culture. It can also be an opportunity to discover exceptional natural sites with an enthusiastic guide. France abounds in natural features. With a guide, you'll discover them all.

The Bay of the Somme, for example, can be explored with a specialized guide on hand to observe the flora and fauna as a group. For an exciting cruise, a guide will be on board. For each town or village crossed, his explanations add richness to this river trip.