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Are you looking for an unusual activity for your next Team Building event or outing with friends and family? Looking for a thrill? Thanks to Funbooker, you can try your hand at a range of games and activities that will satisfy your need for adrenalin!

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Quiz Boxing in Paris 3rd arrondissement

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Quiz Room in Paris 6th arrondissement

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Blindtest in Paris 6ème

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Limousine ride in Paris

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Axe-throwing in the heart of Paris

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The best unusual activities for a unique experience 🤪

On Funbooker, you'll find a wide range of unusual indoor and outdoor activities for you to enjoy alone or in a group! Don't wait any longer to discover our selection of the best experiences.

The different types of unusual activities

Are you looking for new physical and recreational experiences, but lacking inspiration? Here's a selection of the best unusual activities to be enjoyed all over France!

For young and old alike, these activities, open to all, will be full of adrenalin and surprises.


Footgolf is a new activity that combines two very popular sports: the technique of soccer and the precision of the golf course. It's a highly convivial discipline that's gaining an ever-growing following.

In a relaxing green setting, the aim of the game is to kick the soccer into the holes. Footgolf doesn't require stamina like classic soccer, but concentration to aim well!

It's the ideal activity for all ages, in a sporty, chic and relaxed atmosphere.

Sensory trails from Sensas

Sensas offers a fun and unusual sensory escape game. It engages your 5 senses with a unique experience and challenges worthy of Fort Boyard.

In an atypical setting, you'll have to overcome your fears to succeed in the various workshops. The prize: amulets to be converted into donations for partner associations!

Fun and full of surprises, this fun event calls on your instincts and courage: tests in the dark, unfamiliar foods or live insects will cross your path. An experience not to be missed, rich in emotion and laughter.

Fury Room

The concept originated in Japan, before taking off in the USA and now France. A single objective: to break everything! To have fun, let off steam or de-stress, the Fury Room invites you to destroy everything in a special room.

Dishes, furniture, bottles and even glass will be your outlet. Don't worry, all items will be recycled, and you'll be provided with protective equipment to ensure your safety.

All you have to do is let loose, guilt-free and without having to clean up. On your bats, get set, go!

Axe throwing

Axe throwing is no longer a pastime reserved for lumberjacks, Vikings or Native Americans. It's now possible to try your hand at axe-throwing in urban spaces.

This trendy new activity involves aiming at the center of a wooden target, not with darts but with a real axe. An instructor is on hand to show you the correct posture and movement. Individual wire mesh lanes protect players from danger.

Traditionally accompanied by a cold beer, your axe-throwing session will be even more fun!

Drone piloting

For a 3.0 activity, try your hand at drone piloting! Remote control in hand, your certified instructor will teach you how to take off and steer your machine through the air. The program includes

  • figures,
  • obstacle courses,
  • or simple observation using the built-in camera.

It's even possible to take immersion a step further with a virtual reality headset. Drone piloting will propel you into an extraordinary technological universe.


This futuristic invention by Franky Zapata enables a person to fly by means of a reactor fixed under the feet. A hybrid between a jetpack, a mini rocket and a skateboard, the flyboard is a blast to ride.

Equipped with a remote control with triggers to control motor power and trajectory, the flyboarder looks like something out of a superhero movie. For added safety, the flyboarder takes off over a body of water.

Enjoy the scenery - adrenalin guaranteed!

Ninja Warrior course

Inspired by the famous TV game show American Ninja Warrior, these courses have won over many adventurers and budding acrobats. Whether indoors or outdoors, you'll push yourself to the limit. The aim is to clear every obstacle without falling into the pool of water or foam cubes beneath your feet.

But time is of the essence! These are real sporting challenges for competitors, testing your endurance, agility, alertness and perseverance.

The structures are adapted to all levels, so you can practice in good spirits.