Paintball in Hénin-Beaumont (62)

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Guillaume et son équipe

5.0 (1 review)

Hénin-Beaumont (62)

  • 1 hour
  • From 6 to 30 people
  • From 5 years old

Capture the opposing team's flag while defending yourself with the help of your thrower. Your objective will be to bring the flag back to your camp without being hit by an opposing marble. Work out the best stratagem to win the game!

You can cancel free of charge up to 48h before the date of the activity.

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Activity description :

Come and take on your friends in a great game of paintball. You'll have the chance to play in different scenarios and on different terrain.

Paintball activity:

  • As soon as you arrive, you'll be greeted by an instructor who'll explain the rules of the game and safety instructions.
  • You can then put together your own teams, from 3 to 15 players.
  • You'll then put on your equipment: anti-fog mask, pitcher and vest.
  • Then it's time to start the game! The aim is simple: to hit your opponents without being hit.
  • The referee will suggest a multitude of games and scenarios to make the game even more fun!

For children aged 5 to 6:

Gel Ball, a derivative of Paintball and Kids Ball, gives the little ones a chance to enjoy their activity! They'll have a field all to themselves on which they can play in 3 scenarios: the buzzer (speed game), an obstacle course in the shape of animals and a course with Mayan temples.

For children aged 7 to 12:

Kids Ball is perfect for children aged 7 to 12. They can enjoy a Paintball session adapted to their age group.

You'll be able to play in a variety of scenarios and on different terrains:

  • The Bus: A hostage situation has arisen on a bus, and you need to free the hostages at all costs!
  • The Ruins: A bomb has just exploded, reducing the terrain to rubble.
  • Barricades: You'll have to navigate all the obstacles in your path to reach the opposing camp.
  • The forest: You'll have to defend the fort surrounded by the forest, whatever the cost.
  • The industrial site: Make your way through the debris of a disused factory.

Come and enjoy this activity with your family, friends or for an EVG / EVJF, paintball is an outdoor activity enjoyed by all!



1 hour Paintball - 10% discount (€27 instead of €30)

Price / person - 200 Marbles


100 extra marbles - 10% discount (€7.2 instead of €8)



Kids Ball session - 30 min - 10% discount (€16.20 instead of €18)

Price / child - 100 marbles


Kids Ball session - 1 hour - 10% discount (€27 instead of €30)

Price / child - 200 Marbles


Kids Ball - 100 extra balls - 10% discount (€7.2 instead of €8)



Gel Ball session - 1 hour - 10% discount (€27 instead of €30)

Price / child - from age 5


5,0 (1 reviews)

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Perfect! The kids had a great time!


5 nov 2023


Address: 3 Chemin de Bois Bernard, 62110 Hénin-Beaumont

- 30 min from Lille via A1
- 40 min from Béthune via A21
- 45 min from Valenciennes via A21

Know before you go

  • Groups are never mixed.
  • A referee will be present at all times.
  • For children aged 7 to 12, choose "Kids ball" rates.
  • For children aged 5 and 6, choose "Gel Ball" rates.


  • Paintball Launcher and Balls
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