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Relaxing massage in Rennes (35)

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Cesson-Sevigné (35)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • One person

You can cancel free of charge up to 48h before the date of the activity.

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Activity description :

Éléa welcomes you to her massage studio. She is a certified well-being masseuse who will take care of you and respect your expectations throughout your massage. Come and relax by choosing the massage that 's right for you. Depending on your profile, you'll be offered a personalized treatment protocol.

Several formulas are available:

The session begins with a welcome and a discussion, during which I ask the client to fill in a questionnaire to find out about any contraindications to the chosen massage, and whether it needs to be adapted or even changed.

  • Shiatsu massage (1h30 ): a traditional Japanese massage, using thumbs, palms and forearms to apply pressure to the whole body. This energetic technique unties knots and tensions caused by stress, unhealthy habits (unbalanced diet, lack of sleep) or fatigue.
  • Abhyanga massage (1 hr.) : Relaxing and energizing, this technique is supreme against general fatigue and mental agitation, and helps to soothe.
  • Balinese massage (1h ): A dynamic massage with a strong, oily touch. The aim is to produce circulatory, energizing, draining, energetic and relaxing effects.
  • Foot reflexology (45min): gentle, slow, relaxing massage of the feet and calves. It is performed while dressed, in a seated or reclining position. The aim is to reduce tension and promote relaxation, while stimulating the body's natural self-regulation.
Once the massage is over, Eléa gives the client time to recuperate with a hot drink and a small snack.

Looking for a relaxing activity? This practice is perfect for you! Relaxation, soothing and relaxation will be the watchwords of this unique moment.


Shiatsu massage

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Abhyanga massage

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Balinese massage

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Foot reflexology

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- 3 Avenue des Peupliers, 35510 Cesson-Sevigné

-Free street parking
-Bus 10,34,67, 214 : Cesson Gare

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