Funbooker invites you to enjoy an exceptional activity: scuba diving! We've selected the best spots in France for an unforgettable vacation experience. Book at the best price, gift voucher available in 2 minutes.

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Diving Discover: Explore the Best Underwater Spots with Funbooker!

Are you dreaming of exploring the underwater world? If you live on the coast, are on a weekend getaway or vacation by the sea or near a body of water, take advantage of your visit to do your diving discover! It's an activity to do at least once in your life. Funbooker accompanies you in your search and has listed for you the diving spots in France.

All you need to know about diving

What is diving?

Diving is an activity that involves exploring the underwater depths using diving equipment. You will be equipped with a diving mask to see clearly underwater, a neoprene wetsuit, fins, and oxygen-filled cylinders.

Accompanied by an instructor, you will set out to explore the underwater world. You will be able to observe the corals, fish, and crustaceans at your diving spot. Depending on your level, you can descend to a deeper or shallower level.

To do a diving discover, there is no need to have any particular physical aptitude or any experience in the marine environment. However, there are medical indications to respect if you are in a particular health situation (pregnant woman, asthma, etc.).

It is also possible to do a discover as a child. Centers open their excursions from 6 to 10 years old, depending on the centers or diving locations. Of course, it is recommended to know how to swim well to practice the activity.

The different types of places to dive

Diving is an activity that can be practiced in different types of environments:

  • In the sea: the most classic version consists of swimming in an area away from the coast.
  • In freshwater: some lakes in France such as Lake Bourget in Aix-les-Bains allow diving. You can also experience ice diving in winter.
  • In a swimming pool or in a pit: you can do your discover in a completely controlled environment that does not depend on weather conditions. This type of environment is ideal for initiations.

How does a sea outing unfold?

  • Get on the boat for a trip that takes you offshore. During this time, the instructor takes care of preparing all the equipment.
  • Briefing with your instructor regarding diving but also the equipment. He will give you all the necessary advice for you to fully enjoy your dive. Don't hesitate to ask all your questions!
  • It's time to gear up with the instructor's help, especially for wearing the cylinders. Then dive into the underwater depths. The instructor will accompany you on your descent, which will gradually take you to several meters deep. You will then enjoy the show and be surrounded by a colorful local fauna and flora.
  • Return by boat to the starting point!

Where to do a diving discover in France?

If you are a fan of scuba diving, know that France is full of magnificent spots to explore. Here is our selection of 5 exceptional spots for scuba diving in France.

The Port-Cros National Park

Perfect for wreck enthusiasts, it is a sanctuary of marine life. With its underwater depths rich in history and biodiversity, each dive offers a unique and captivating experience.

The Glénan Islands

Magical colors, turquoise water, diverse fauna and flora... It is without a doubt the most beautiful spot for diving in Brittany. Explore the sublime coral reefs and meet schools of colorful fish in this underwater paradise.

The Riou Archipelago

The must for scuba diving near Marseille on the French Riviera. You will have access to nearly 70 dive sites, each more varied than the last, with wrecks, caves, and a beautiful variety of fish. You will discover spectacular marine landscapes, from flamboyant corals to curious moray eels.

Lake Tignes

For diving in the waters of the frozen lake under particularly cool temperatures, experience an ice diving discover! You can dive day or night.

The Lavezzi Islands in Corsica

You can dive in the heart of the International Marine Park of the Bouches de Bonifacio. Here you will have the chance to admire rocks with unprecedented colors. The underwater landscapes are breathtaking!