Leather workshop

Work with leather or create personalized objects in a leather workshop! Handbags, leather jewelry, wallets, belts... Funbooker has selected for you the best workshops at the craftsman's, all over France.

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Leather workshop: learn to work leather alongside professional craftsmen

Discover leatherworking at introductory workshops all over France. The techniques you'll learn at these workshops are fun, simple and accessible to all. You'll be able to make a wide range of pieces from A to Z in 100% leather.

Leather power bracelet

Discover leatherwork and make your own personalized braceletswith an Artisan Sellier Harnacheur! To create your own 100% leather bracelet de force, you'll choose your leather and the accessories you'll need to create it. You'll need to cut, trim, measure and work the leather with a variety of tools to create the bracelet of your dreams.

Leather handbag

Come and create the handbag of your dreams with the help of a professional craftsman. You'll be accompanied every step of the way. You can choose the model of your handbag: small or large format, as well as the colors. The leathers used for your made-to-measure bag come from leading French manufacturers.

Leather apron

Create an ultra-resistant 100% leather apron during an introductory leatherwork workshop. Using a wide range of tools (sewing pliers, awls, etc.), you'll make your own apron from A to Z. You'll need to pattern, cut and rivet to produce a unique, high-quality piece.