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On Funbooker, you can choose from a wide range of nature tours, on foot, by bike, by car or even on an electric scooter. Supervised by an experienced guide, you'll set off on an excursion along the most beautiful hiking trails in the region of your choice!

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Nature walks and hikes: everything you need to know

Hikers, grab your sticks and backpacks for some of the most beautiful hiking trails around! Saint Jacques de Compostelle, the Champsaur or Valgaudemar trail in the heart of the Parc national des écrins, or the Stevenson trail linking the southern Massif Central to the Cévennes...

On our Funbooker, you're bound to find walks and hikes near you!

The different types of walks and hikes

Hiking can be done in many different ways. There's walking, cycling and horse-riding.

You can also walk in a variety of ways. Mountain walking, hiking, trail walking, Nordic walking or a short family outing - it's all possible!


Family hikes

In the family hike, walkers follow a path with or without markers. The path may be part of a hiking circuit, or it may be a simple trail.

Family walks are generally of short duration and require little physical effort.


Trekking is another type of hiking. Trekking routes are located in high and medium mountains, and are considered difficult. They are "long-distance trails".

They must be walked by experienced hikers or with guides certified by the French Hiking Federation. A long-distance hike lasts several days and requires excellent physical condition.


Finally, pilgrimages or "itineraries", such as those to Santiago de Compostela, are also a form of hiking itinerary. Pilgrims travel along footpaths, usually on marked trails.

The itinerary of this type of walking tour can be very extensive. A pilgrimage can last several months and requires very good physical condition.

Nature outings by mountain bike, e-trott, boat and quad bike

Numerous trails and signposted itineraries will take you past grandiose natural areas. Vineyards, marshes, lakes, valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, valleys, gorges and hillsides unfold before your eyes.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air on a coastal path along the sea or a towpath along a river. Cycling is a great way to get around and observe the region's heritage, flora and fauna.

In terms of signage, cycle paths are indicated by a round sign with a blue background and a bicycle on it. Greenways are indicated by a green square sign bearing a cyclist and a hiker.

Urban rides in a classic car or 2CV, or in a horse-drawn carriage

Not a fan of sunken paths, sprained ankles or sport? Prefer cultural to natural heritage? Then take a tour of France's villages in a classic car or 2CV! Armed with a guidebook or with a guide, you'll discover the most beautiful villages in France.

Visit Paris or Bordeaux in a 2CV, take a private tour of the Médoc vineyards or a private tour of the Saint-Emilion vineyards, again in a 2CV. Or take a classic car tour of Paris, the châteaux of Chantilly, Versailles or Vaux-le-Vicomte. The choice is vast on our site!

The most beautiful spots for hiking and nature walks

The Marais Poitevin

The Marais Poitevin is located between the Vendée, Deux-Sèvres and Charente-Maritime departments. This nature park covers some 100,000 hectares. It is the second largest wetland in France after the Camargue.

It is made up of three parts: the maritime marsh, the dry marsh and the wet marsh. Thousands of kilometers of ditches and canals have been dug and millions of trees planted to secure the banks.

The Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park is sometimes referred to as "Green Venice". Some of its areas are classified as national nature reserves, including :

  • Baie de l'Aiguillon,
  • Marais de Saint-Denis-du-Payré,
  • Casse de la Belle-Henriette,
  • and the Ferme de Choisy,
  • the Marais de la Vacherie,
  • and the Marais du Poiré-sur-Velluire.

The Alps

Hiking in the Alps! The Alpine mountain chain stretches from northern Italy to southeastern France. The summit of Mont Blanc is Europe's highest peak. Each Alpine slope offers splendid panoramas of unspoilt nature.

Visit the mountain pastures and take a break on the rocky slopes beneath the glaciers. In summer, enjoy the company of sheep!

Lac du Salagou

Lac du Salagou is the result of the impoundment of the Salagou dam. It lies in the center of the Hérault, on the Salagou River, itself a tributary of the Lergue River, which flows into the Hérault. The 700-hectare lake reaches a depth of around 50 metres at its deepest point.

Overlooked by mountains and plateaus, Lac du Salagou is a green setting surrounded by farmland. Here you can enjoy geology, swimming and water sports, as well as hiking and mountain biking.

The Vercors

The Vercors Regional Park includes the Vercors massif and the Vercors forest. This natural park covers 206,000 hectares. Outdoor activities and geology are widely practiced in this park.

Hiking is full of surprises, with the park's flora and fauna abounding all year round. Numerous trails criss-cross the park. They allow you to do hundreds of hikes without ever passing the same spot.