Painting Workshop

Funbooker offers you the chance to take part in a painting workshop in Paris or elsewhere, to learn or perfect this art form. Learn painting and drawing techniques in a fun-filled class. Workshops open to children and adults.

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Painting in the dark workshop in Paris

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Painting workshop in Paris

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Graffiti mural workshop in Paris 14th district

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Painting workshop: reveal your inner artist

Oil paint, wax paint, acrylic, watercolor... There are many different types of paint. Come and learn to paint in an artistic workshop!

Different painting techniques

During a painting workshop, a professional will teach you how to paint different works, on different supports. Here are the different types of paint on offer:

  • Water-based paint (watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylic): this odorless paint is one of the most environmentally friendly. Its relatively liquid texture is easy to spread.
  • Spray paint: often used for graffiti on concrete or wooden walls. This paint is easy to use and dries quickly.
  • Oil paint: this is a chemical liquid composed of solvents. Its creamy texture provides excellent coverage and a glossy finish. Oil paint is extremely resistant to weather, impact, scratches and humidity.
  • Wax paint (or encaustic): this antique beeswax-based product produces a warm paste. It is generally applied to wood.
  • Pastel: with this type of paint, the pigments are in direct contact with the support. Grainy paper is preferred for better color retention. There are dry pastels, using chalk or plaster, and oil pastels, using oil. Pastels are delicate and fragile.

Our selection of workshops

Learn to paint "à la manière de..." (in the style of...)

Immersed in an artist's studio with a warm atmosphere, you'll experience an unforgettable moment focused on sharing knowledge! Your teacher will discuss pigments, the paint composition process and the different ways of painting. The aim of this course is to create a painting inspired by the work of an artist (known or unknown) in a catalog.

Discover pointillism and realism in an acrylic workshop

Pointillism is an artistic movement whose master was Georges Seurat. During this painting workshop for beginners and advanced painters, you'll learn about this technique of juxtaposed colors. You'll start with a sketch on canvas, then explore perspective, volume, light, contrasts and shades of color.

Learn to paint on ceramics

This artistic activity lets you customize the ceramic accessories in your home. You'll paint on the medium of your choice (mug, bowl or plate), giving free rein to your imagination and progressing at your own pace!

Visit a professional painter's studio and learn his techniques

You'll meet a professional painter who will open the doors of his studio and show you his creations. During the workshop, you'll create an abstract work on canvas from A to Z, using collage and combining colors and textures. You'll also learn more about the use of empty space and the notion of balance and contrast.

Have fun creating graffiti on a street art outing

Street artists will share their boundless passion for this popular street art! They'll teach you painting techniques (spray paint, stencils, posca, etc.) and help you create your own artistic works using models.