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Funbooker has selected the best amusement parks in France, for children and adults! The games are diverse and varied, and can be played indoors or outdoors. Best prices guaranteed!

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Tickets for Gulli Parc in Bry-sur-Marne (94)


/ child
4,5 (4)

Tickets for Gulli Parc in Meaux (77)


/ child
4,7 (3)

Admission to Coyote Ranch (89)


/ person

Tickets for Terra Botanica in Angers (49)


/ person
4,5 (2)

Admission to Pokeyland (57)


/ person

Tickets for Natural'Parc near Nantes (49)


/ person
5,0 (1)

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The best playgrounds are on Funbooker!

Funbooker has selected the best playgrounds for children and adults. Whether indoor or outdoor, during the vacations or school holidays, you'll find the playground that's right for you.

The different types of playground

Trampolines: sport and fun

Whether with family or friends, for a stag party or a child's birthday, trampoline parks are all the rage! Some have "Mini-Jump" play areas reserved for toddlers aged 18 months to 6 years, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The areas are dedicated to a range of activities: trampoline dodgeball, basketball, height record, ninja course, foam tray, obstacle jumps, trampoline fitness... There are different access options to the park, depending on the duration, and the venues usually offer group rates.

Children's playgrounds: a sure bet!

Several brands offer play areas for the little ones, with the traditional attractions: ball pools, mazes, climbing, slides... For accompanying parents, WiFi access is free.

In the open air, some parks offer unlimited access to inflatables, for a few hours or the whole day.

Leisure centres for all ages!

Leisure parks offer a wide range of outdoor sporting activities: accrobranche (tree climbing), trampoline, inflatable games, climbing walls, summer tobogganing, mini-golf, go-karts, zip lines... Often located on the banks of a lake or river, they also have at least one relaxation and catering area.

There are also leisure parks devoted entirely to water-based activities: pedal boats, paddleboats, kayaks, towed buoys... The ideal way to spend a convivial moment in fine weather!

A theme park: what's the occasion?

A birthday party in a playground

All traditional indoor playgrounds offer birthday party packages for children. If you want to celebrate your child's birthday at Gulli, pizza, cake and drinks are included in the price, but this isn't the case at all parks, so check before you book!

Some specialized playgrounds also offer birthday packages for children aged 6 to 12: laser games, virtual reality, bowling...

To organize an outdoor birthday party, consider a accrobranche activity for 5- to 16-year-olds, a fun and addictive sport! After the effort, the comfort: a table is reserved for a snack. In some parks, admission for birthday children is free!

A theme park for an unforgettable stag party

To offer the groom-to-be a memorable day, many leisure facilities can be privatized. RV rooms, Ninja Warrior courses, water parks, amusement parks... Choose the option that best suits your group and the season!

Top play parks for children

Royal Kids, from 0 to 12 years!

Even for the little ones, Royal Kids has it all, in an indoor park that's air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter: slides, bouncy castles, merry-go-rounds, ball games, shuffleboard...

All Royal Kids parks have a catering area, so you can spend the whole day on site, with hot or cold drinks, full menus or snacks: pancakes, waffles, sweets... The chain also organizes birthday parties for children.

Gulli Parc, a must for indoor playground

There are two requirements for entering a Gulli Parc: wear socks and... have fun! Children can climb secure play structures and drop into ball pools (a classic!), for fun or birthday entertainment. The indoor playground is designed to keep the kids playing for hours.

A food court offers hot dishes, snacks, sweets and drinks. And for parents who want to take a moment to relax, Gulli Parc has thought of everything: they can recharge their batteries behind the large bay windows of the "bubble", a quiet, comfortable lounge where books and magazines are available, as well as free WiFi access.