Introduction to parachuting PAC course in Tallard (05)

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Tallard (05)

  • 8 hours
  • Up to 5 people
  • From 15 years old

Whether you've never skydived before or this is your second experience, try the adventure of a solo initiation jump with your own parachute near Gap. Over 2 days, with a mix of theory and practice, you'll discover skydiving in a whole new way. Particularly well supervised before and during your jump, you'll be in total control of your canopy. An experience you won't soon forget!

You can cancel free of charge up to 48h before the date of the activity.

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Activity description :

More than just a first parachute jump, the initiation jump will enable you to actively participate in your jump. It's an opportunity for you to jump independently with your own parachute. Accompanied by certified professionals, you'll be trained and guided to make your jump in complete safety. Come and meet this team of professionals at the Gap-Tallard aerodrome and enjoy a thrilling experience. This introductory jump is the very first level in the PAC (Progression Accompagnée en Chute) training program, which is the best way to become autonomous in a fall.

Before you can take to the skies on your own, you'll need to learn a few basics. You'll follow a one-day theory course to learn the techniques and get to know your equipment, and the next day you'll set off for your jump, supervised by 2 instructors.

Course of the 2-day introductory parachute jump in Gap:

  • On arrival at the Gap-Tallard airfield, you'll be welcomed by our team of skydivers.
  • Your first day will be devoted to theoretical ground training. You'll learn the techniques involved in jumping, the correct positions to hold and how to use the equipment you'll need for the jump, especially the altimeter.
  • Overnight at your own expense in the surrounding area.
  • Day 2: It's the big day, and you'll finally be able to jump solo. After a final briefing with your instructor, you'll get fitted with your wetsuit, helmet, goggles, gloves, altimeter and, of course, the parachute, the size of which is adapted to your level and size to ensure a safe evolution.
  • You'll embark on a 15-minute flight in a small plane, just long enough to reach an altitude of 4,000m. Take the opportunity to admire the peaks of the Hautes-Alpes.
  • Once you've reached this altitude, the door will open and you'll get into the starting position with an instructor on either side. Then comes the jump, accompanied by your 2 instructors who ensure your safety and communicate with you by signs to improve your position and ease of flight. You'll free-fall for 50 seconds at over 200 km/hour.
  • At 1,500 m, still guided by your 2 instructors, you'll trigger your parachute, and fly quietly for several minutes. You'll put into practice everything you learned the day before, flying your canopy solo while being guided by radio by an instructor on the ground.
  • He'll guide you all the way to your landing, so that everything runs smoothly and safely.
  • Once you've successfully completed your solo jump, all that's left to do is share your experience with your loved ones.

You'll leave with a video of your jump on a USB stick, so you can keep the memory for the rest of your life.

A breathtaking experience, 100% adrenalin! Don't hesitate to offer this activity to your skydiving friends, so you can share your experience and your sensations.


Parachute jumping initiation in Gap

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5,0 (1 reviews)

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Top support from the team from the 1/2 day training to the jump... and landing! :)


3 aug 2023


Meeting point: Gap-Tallard aerodrome, 05130 Tallard

- 20 minutes from the center of Gap via N85 (14 km)
- 1 hour from Manosque via A51 (90 km)
- 2 hours from Grenoble via Route de Grenoble and N85 (115 km)

Know before you go

  • The PAC course takes place over 2 days. Training takes place either on Monday morning at 8am and you will skip Tuesday morning starting at 8am, or on Friday afternoon at 2pm and you will skip Saturday morning at 8am.
  • To book your course, please enter the 1st day of your training, i.e. either Monday or Friday.
  • Accommodation and meals are at your own expense.

Jumping conditions

  • Minimum age 15 (ENT doctor's certificate) + parental authorization from both parents for minors.
  • Medical certificate from a general practitioner required.
  • No scuba diving within the previous 48 hours.
  • Maximum weight: 90 kg. For heavier weights, please contact the center.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Not to have consumed alcohol in the last 12 hours.


  • Theoretical training
  • Jumping with 2 instructors
  • Equipment rental
  • A map of the terrain
  • A USB key with the montage of your jump
  • One day insurance


  • Suit and low sports shoes recommended (no crochet shoes)
  • Accommodation and meals
  • The licence at 45€ to be paid on site

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