Experience the exhilarating world of skydiving with a real adrenalin rush, or give an unforgettable gift to your loved ones! From the heart-pounding jump to the awe-inspiring descent, make memories that last a lifetime. Funbooker has selected for you the most beautiful spots, to enjoy the best landscapes of France.

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The Ultimate Guide For a Perfect Skydive

Funbooker has brought together a list of the best centres for tandem skydiving and parachuting in France. Discover the best options for skydiving baptisms and PAC courses… A unique experience to offer as a gift or to enjoy yourself!

How does your jump work?

On the day of your jump, you’ll arrive at the aerodrome for a quick briefing that will include theory, equipment presentation, positioning techniques and safety instructions. If you’re feeling nervous, the instructors will make sure you’re reassured!

You will then board the aircraft for a 15-minute flight up to 4000m, then the doors open! You will remain in freefall at 200km/h, accompanied by an experienced skydiver, for around 1 minute. This moment is exhilarating, and you will feel free as a bird! At about 1500m, your parachute will open, and you’ll float down to the ground in about 5 minutes, still buzzing from the experience!

The different types of skydive

Your very first jump can be as scary as it is exciting, so it’s good to understand the different types of jump in order to optimise your experience! There are three types of jumps for beginners in France:

  • Tandem (during which you are attached to your instructor)
  • Static line (during which your parachute opens automatically as you exit the aircraft)
  • PAC (AFF - Accelerated Freefall Formation, which involves jumping in formation with two experienced skydivers). If you are an experienced jumper, you need to check if your licence is delivered by a FAI-affiliated federation!

The 5 best drop zones in France

Of course, France has some of the best views and best jumps spots in Europe! Check out 5 of our favourites for the most magical skydiving experiences!


Mont Saint-Michel, an absolute French icon, do we really need to explain the views above this absolute gem, a UNESCO World Heritage site? From the Grènes du Mont Saint-Michel airfield, you’ll meet your instructor for a tandem five from 3000 metres above the picturesque island.

👉 Informations and booking here

Arcachon Bay

The Bassin d’Archachon in the west of France is one of the country’s most beautiful seaside landscapes! You can enjoy a 4000m tandem jump after a lift off from the nearby Villemarie airfield and enjoy views such as the Dune du Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin, the Ile aux oiseaux or the Cap-Ferret and its famous lighthouse!

👉 Informations and booking here

Megève, for a helicopter jump

Fancy jumping out of a helicopter over the most beautiful mountain range in Europe? In Megève, you can experience just that. A 4000m tandem jump out of a helicopter right over the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the Haute-Savoie is on offer. We can’t recommend this one enough!

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Les Alpes Haute-Provence is just the perfect jumping spot! Check in at Sylvain’s skydiving centre and book your tandem jump from 4000m with the most breathtaking views, especially of the Parc National des Ecrins! AFF jumps are also available for the more adventurous among you.

👉 Informations and booking here


Jumping over the Ile d’Oléron is one of the most uniquely sensational skydiving experiences! The centre, run at the aérodrome de Rochefort near Marennes by Johnny and his team, offers tandem jumps from 3500m over one of the most picturesque vistas in the whole of France!

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Frequently asked questions

💸 How much does skydiving cost?

You can jump from 240€.

😱 How to overcome fear?

On tandem jumps, your instructor opens your parachute. And if it doesn't open, there's a system that triggers automatically when you reach a certain height. So there's no need to worry.

As far as vertigo is concerned, rest assured, no one can feel vertigo at such altitudes - it's physically impossible! And with good reason: the distance between your eyes and the ground is so great that your brain loses its bearings.

☄️ How fast can you freefall?

In free fall you can reach a speed of almost 195km/h.

👕 What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, warm clothing. Shoes must be closed-toe.

🧒 How old do you have to be to skydive?

Minimum age is 15. For minors, parental consent is required. Some centers also accept 12-year-old jumpers if accompanied by an adult.

⚖️ What are the weight and height constraints?

It depends on the skydiving center. You generally need to be minimum 40kg and maximum 90kg. For height, you need to be at least 1m40. Some centers also specify a maximum height, around 2m10.

👃 How do you breathe when skydiving?

You'll be able to breathe completely normally, without any discomfort. You'll be able to shout, and even speak!