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Hot Air Balloon

Ticket for the Ballon de Paris Generali


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Introduction to airplane piloting in Lognes (77)

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Introductory flight at Toussus-le-Noble (78)

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Helicopter flight near Paris

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Tandem microlight flight over Val-d'Oise (95)

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Fighter jet flight

Fighter jet experience - Baptism in Pontoise (95)

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Helicopter flight in Meaux, Seine-et-Marne (77)

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Do you want to discover the joys of free-fall flying? Treat yourself to a parachute jump! This activity is also an excellent gift idea for a thrill-seeking loved one.

For your safety, the parachute jumping experience always takes place in tandem: thanks to a harness, you're attached to a qualified instructor, who guides you throughout the freefall and opens the parachute in due course.

The skydiving takes place in several stages:

  • Upon arrival at the airfield, you are greeted by the professional instructor. He or she will brief you on how the experience is to be carried out, and describe the most important elements, such as exiting the aircraft and opening the parachute. He will also explain the safety instructions to be followed.
  • You're kitted out and climb into the plane. After a short flight, it's time for the long-awaited and dreaded moment: getting out of the plane! Once you've taken the plunge, you'll discover the wonderful sensations of freefall: an intense moment of adrenalin at 200 km/h, for almost a minute.
  • Arrived at around 1500 meters from the ground, the instructor opens the parachute, and you enjoy a few minutes of gentler flight, before landing.

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Bungee jumping

Many people dream of bungee jumping, but few take the plunge. Now's the time to take the plunge, or to offer this experience as a gift voucher to a loved one who's not afraid of a little adventure.

The principle is simple: in a grandiose natural setting, you make a great leap into the void, all the while clinging to a bungee cord. Thrills guaranteed!

This unique experience takes place in two stages. First, you are taken care of by a team of professionals, who equip and brief you. Next, you arrive at the jump site (bridge or viaduct), where you can contemplate a beautiful landscape.

Then it's time to launch yourself into the void! For even more thrills, you can do the angel jump, arms outstretched and head first. After the jump, once the bungee has stabilized, the gondola descends and you're received by a team on the ground.

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Tourist flights by microlight, plane or helicopter

For those who've always wanted to take a baptism of the air, why not offer a sightseeing flight by plane? The ride can be by microlight or helicopter, depending on your preferences.

The activity unfolds as follows:

  • On arrival, you're greeted by the pilot, who quickly presents the itinerary. This depends on the flight duration you've chosen.
  • Then it's off to the plane, ready for takeoff! During the flight, the pilot will be happy to tell you all about the different places you'll be flying over.

Châteaux de la Loire, Lake Annecy, Dune du Pyla...there are plenty of beautiful places to discover on your first flight in France!

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Flight in a hot-air balloon

A hot-air balloon ride is an original idea, if you want to enjoy a peaceful flight over sublime panoramas. Alone or as a duo, a balloon flight lets you discover the most beautiful landscapes in your region. Perfect for a magical moment with friends or loved ones.

This first flight is dependent on weather conditions. If there's no wind, the balloon can't move. Conversely, a strong wind would be too dangerous.

Course of your flight:

  • The meeting point is chosen by the pilot according to the wind
  • .
  • Arrived on site, you assist in the preparation of the basket and the inflation of the balloon. You can even take part if you wish!
  • After a gentle takeoff, you let the wind carry you over forests and waterways. The tour lasts about an hour.
  • Finally, on landing, a team is responsible for landing you on the ground. This wonderful adventure is usually followed by a toast, during which you can share your impressions and fresh memories.

This is a great gift idea for a loved one's birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day!

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Paragliding and hang-gliding

The paraglider is a variant of the parachute. It consists of a wing to which a harness is attached, and is piloted using handles. The essential difference with a parachute is in the take-off: for paragliding, you don't need an airplane, just a slightly sloping surface.

For those wishing to discover the joys of this aerial sport, there are two choices: the baptism formula, in a two-seater paraglider with an instructor at the controls; and the initiation formula, which teaches you how to fly.

Like paragliding, hang-gliding is a free-flight activity. The difference between the two activities lies first and foremost in the material: the hang glider wing is rigid, while the paraglider wing is flexible. Hang-gliding flight is therefore longer, and allows you to go further.

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