Scavenger hunt

Urban rally in downtown Troyes

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4.5 (4 reviews)

Troyes (10)

  • 2 hours
  • From 2 to 32 people
  • From 12 years old

Condition d’annulation

  • Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before the date indicated, as long as the pdf booklets for the activity have not been downloaded. For all cancellations, please contact the supplier in advance, whose details appear on your reservation form.
  • The activity is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase: you can do it on the date and at the time you wish. The date given is non-contractual.

Gift card valid for 12 months, free exchange

Activity description :

Here's an unusual and dynamic urban rally to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues! Suitable for everyone and available for up to 32 people, you can enjoy this treasure hunt at any time, thanks to the autonomous routes available 24/7!


Discovery :

2-8 participants - From age 12 - Self-guided

A race against the clock in search of beacons to photograph in different parts of the city. Equipped with a map of the city, a list of riddles to solve, and a reference score to beat, you'll try to win by exceeding the victory score.

Challenge :

Duration: 1h30/2h - 6-32 participants - From age 12 - Self-guided

Armed with a map and a list of riddles to solve, set off on a real orienteering race combined with a photo rally, and find the right markers to photograph. Be the team that achieves the best score, while arriving before the time runs out - or face the penalty points!


Duration: 2h - 5-15 participants - From 15 years old - Self-guided

Encourage the groom-to-be to take on some crazy challenges. Each time he or she wins, he or she will take revenge on you by imposing challenges on you! There will be 3 crazy challenges and 5 photo rallies.

A self-guided scavenger hunt you can do whenever you like in Troyes, for a fun outing with a large group, to discover the city, or for a bachelorette or stag party.


Zero booking fees

Discovery rally - 2h

Price / whole group - Up to 8 people


Rally challenge - 1h30

Price / whole group - 6 to 32 participants


Rally challenge - 2h

Price / whole group - 6 to 32 participants


EVG Rally - 2h

Price / whole group


EVJF Rally - 2h

Price / whole group


4,5 (4 reviews)

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Great way to discover the city, with fun riddles that are best solved as a team! Highly recommended.


14 aug 2023


Lovely walk around Troyes in search of the beacons. The kids (teens) loved it. Wonderful idea for discovering the city's heritage, taking in the sights and sounds of its history. We recommend


16 feb 2023


A great way to discover the city's nooks and crannies. A great time


23 jul 2021


Bonjour on a rien compris les explications n'étaient pas clair nous étions plusieurs à essayer mais ça été je trouve un échec ,énigmes sur livrets ?la communication de Laurent? Apart from telling me that I hadn't finished the procedure, what procedure? We looked for a long time before understanding The only positive thing was that the weather was fine, fortunately.

Christelle ,

29 may 2024


place de la Libération, 10000 Troyes

How to get there :
- Bus 1: Pithou
- By car: 1h20 from Reims via A26

Know before you go

  • Cancellation possible as long as the activity booklets have not been downloaded, and as long as the specified date has not passed.
  • After booking: receipt of "Print & Play" kit. D-Day: follow the instructions in your booklet!
  • Bring 1 pen per team and clothing suitable for long walks.
  • The booklet includes: game rules, map with markers to find and photograph (fountain, monument, plaque, statue, facade...), riddles, grid to calculate results, souvenir diploma and a QR code to access the debriefing.
  • Provide 1 smartphone per team for challenge and discovery scenarios, and 1 smartphone per participant for EVJF/EVG scenarios.
  • Can be used for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • Can be run autonomously 24/7.

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