Survival training

Buschraft and survival course in the Hautes Corbières (04)

Offered by :

Philippe & son équipe

5.0 (1 review)

Vignevieille (11)

  • 10 hours
  • Up to 8 people
  • From 10 years old

You can cancel free of charge up to 48h before the date of the activity.

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Activity description :

Looking for an extraordinary experience? Discover Philippe's survival courses between Perpignan and Carcassonne. From 2 to 4 days, you can learn all the techniques of survival under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Your survival course in the Corbières

Duration: 2 to 5 days depending on the formula - From age 10 - No special physical requirements

Your guide: you will be accompanied by Philippe or a member of his team. All instructors are professionals with a passion for nature.

Several courses are available:

  • Survival 2 days / 1 night: one night's camping. You'll learn how to light a fire, set up a shelter and make water drinkable.
  • Survival 3 days / 2 nights: building a fire, orientation, first aid, bushcraft expertise, drinking water...
  • Without a net 4 days / 3 nights: you'll be confronted with a scenario requiring you to apply what you've learned. Survival solo for 3 days: the instructor accompanies you from a distance and ensures that your course runs smoothly.
  • Scout survival 4 days / 3 nights: training in wildlife and survival techniques. On the "Scout Mode" course, you'll get off the beaten track and make dry and wet cuts in rugged terrain.
  • Immersion 5 days / 4 nights: in the Hautes-Corbières, you'll learn to master the right techniques for survival between sea and mountains.
  • Mercator navigation and orientation 3 days / 2 nights: learn how to read and interpret a map, use a compass and altimeter. You'll learn how to find your way by day and by night, and how to plan a route.
  • Abalakov 3 days / 2 nights: training in various crossing techniques with and without equipment. You'll be introduced to seamanship and rope techniques, and learn how to assemble and use a crossing kit.
  • Survivalist 4 days / 3 nights: learning to live independently (energy, food). A course focusing on the problems of breaking away from normality.

Don't wait any longer, Philippe and his team will give you an experience that will leave a lasting impression!


Zero booking fees

2-day course

Price per person


3-day course

Price per person


4-day "without net" course

Price per person


4-day scouting course

Price per person


5-day "Immersion" course

Price per person


Mercator" 3-day course

Price per person


Abalakov" 3-day course

Price per person


4-day "survivalist" course

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5,0 (1 reviews)

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A great experience that takes your mind off everyday life. The only downside was the management between the people running the activity and the platform, as I hadn't received the necessary information before the weekend.


26 sep 2023


Meet in the village center of Vignevieille (11330)

How to get there:
- By car: 1h from Carcassonne via D56

Know before you go

  • Once you have booked, Philippe and his team will give you the exact dates.
  • 8 people maximum.
  • This activity requires no particular physical condition.
  • For minors, parental permission is required.
  • Equipment can be loaned on request and subject to availability.
  • The course finishes at 5pm on the last day.
  • Please bring your own lunch.
  • Dress for the season and the activity: hard-wearing pants, pullover, fleece, walking shoes, headgear, hat, flashlight, pair of leather gloves.

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