Fabric Workshop

Funbooker invites you to take part in a creative and inspiring fabric workshop. You can sew, print or haberdashery, for example. Come away with a garment or accessory in cotton or other fabrics.

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Sneaker customization workshop in Strasbourg (67)

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Plant-based fabric printing workshop in Toulouse (31)

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Fabric workshop: create an original work of art with a craftsman

Fabrics come in a wide variety of materials, allowing you to make original creations. If you have a creative spirit, come and develop your manual skills at a fabric workshop!

Funbooker offers a variety of activities in a friendly atmosphere.

Accessory creation

Fashionistas will love the fun accessory creation classes, during which they can make superb fashion accessories by hand (totebag, hat, stencil, etc.). You'll find, for example, a course to learn how to customize a bag with embroidery.

You choose the thread color and your teacher teaches you the different types of embroidery stitches. There are also workshops for creating your own hat. Under the expert guidance of a professional hatmaker, you'll make a straw or felt hat (with feathers, a veil or flowers).

Fabric printing

A guide will take you through the 4 steps involved in creating a linocut on fabric, a print or a vegetable dye. You'll start with a design, which will then be engraved on a lino plate, inked with a roller and printed.

You can also book a plant-based fabric printing workshop, making flower and leaf prints on garments or accessories.