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Explore the enchanting realm of zoos, an immersive adventure for wildlife enthusiasts. From mesmerizing animal encounters to educational discoveries, create enduring memories. Funbooker has curated a collection of France's premier zoological destinations, ensuring an unforgettable experience within captivating habitats.

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Our Selection of The Best Zoos and Animal Parks To Visit in France

A family day out at the zoo or animal park is a fantastic activity for a weekend or during the school holidays. Discovering rare or wild animals and stunning parks, or learning about the preservation of species threatened by extinction are what makes zoos so fun and adventurous. Discover a selection of the best zoos and animal parks in France for an unforgettable family outing!


Beauval Zoo is by far France’s most famous zoo. Voted the fourth most beautiful zoo in the world, it is particularly renowned for its giant pandas. It is the only zoo in France where you can see them!

Beauval covers 108 acres, with 800 species spread across 20 different areas: lions, Komodo dragons, tigers, pink flamingos... Beauval offers one of the most unique animal experiences in France. You can also discover the shows, different activities and entertainment that the zoo offers all-year round. If you fancy adding Beauval to your to-do list, the zoo can be found in Saint-Aignan, just outside Blois and Tours in the Loir-et-Cher department!


Thoiry Safari Zoo is great because it is just 40 minutes outside of Paris! You can even try the safari experience in your own car, taking you even closer to the savannah animals for an unforgettable experience.

You can then discover the rest of the site and the different enclosures it has to offer on foot. Horses, bison, arctic wolves, coyotes, zebras - the site boasts no fewer than 750 animals spread over 222 acres! What’s more, there are plenty of activities for children, like the zip line or the maze!

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The Moselle Zoological and Educational Park in Amnéville boasts over 2,000 animals that can be viewed around its 44 acre-site. These include two polar bears, pumas, panthers, Siberian tigers, wallabies, tapirs and orangutans. Exotic!

At Amnéville, visitors can attend the various feeding sessions, take a behind-the-scenes look at the park or go for the immersive animal keeper experience!

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Planète Sauvage

Planète Sauvage is a zoo and wildlife park located just 15 minutes from Nantes in the west of France. There are six different worlds to discover around the 210 acre site! These are the marine city, the bush trail, the jungle temple, the Inca trail, the wild beast territory and the safari trail.

The safari trail can be experienced in a car, while there are a multitude of enclosures to be discovered on foot. It is also home to a plethora of restaurants, accommodation, shops and picnic areas, making the zoo a perfect location for a delightful family outing!

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La Palmyre

La Palmyre Zoo is a wildlife park in Charente-Maritime, just outside the town of Royan. Situated in the heart of a pine forest, this enchanting 44-acre setting is home to 110 different species and over 1,600 mammals, birds and reptiles.

The most exciting thing to see at the zoo is without doubt its collection of primates. There are over 30 species to be discovered, including gorillas and orangutans. Visitors will also be treated to giant tortoises and otters, Canadian wolves, Asian elephants and hippopotamuses. What’s more, every day there are a series of special presentations with sea lions and birds!

The RĂ©serve Africaine de Sigean

The RĂ©serve Africaine de Sigean is a huge animal park covering 741 acres in the Aude department in the region of Occitanie, not far from Narbonne and Perpignan. The park is in part dedicated to African animals, and can be visited by car or on foot. The former involves a 7.5 km trail, while you can count at least 2-3 hours for the visit on foot.

3,800 animals (mammals, birds and reptiles) are spread over 8 large enclosures: the Bush, the Bear Park, the Lion Park, the Savannah, the African Plain, the Chimpanzee Island, the Pond and the Great Aviary.

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The Zoo de la Flèche

The Zoo de la Flèche is located in the Sarthe department and is ranked among the top 5 zoos in France thanks to its excellent facilities. Discover over 1,500 animals at the 34-acre site. Visitors can jump between different worlds as you visit the different parts of the zoo, including polar bear country, the Asian plain and the South American aviary.

You really won’t feel like you’re in France! Educational presentations are also on offer so visitors can discover even more about the animals (free-flying birds, California sea lions, feeding penguins, etc.). For an even more unique experience, try staying overnight in one of the 20 rooms at the Safari Lodge, where you can spend the night in nature!

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Paris Zoological Park

The Paris Zoological Park, more commonly known as Vincennes Zoo, has been a favorite of Parisians since it opened back in 1934. Visitors can discover more than 3,000 animals over 34 acres in a green and exotic setting right on the outskirts of the capital.

Animals from the Amazon, Madagascar, Africa, Europe and Patagonia are all on show. Rare species such as the bush dog, vicuña, armadillo, guanaco, rhea, addax and many others are preserved at the zoo. So it’s well worth a visit.

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Animal Park Auvergne

Open since 1984, Animal Park Auvergne can be found in the Puy-de-Dôme department. Discover 350 animals of 70 different species at the 74-acre site. The wildlife park, right in the middle of the Cézallier massif, specializes in mountain animals, those that you’ll find way above sea level around the world! You'll really enjoy discovering the alpacas, ibexes, deer, takins, reindeer, bush pigs and lots more!

La montagne des singes

At La Montagne des Singes (Monkey Mountain), visitors can discover over 200 monkeys in the middle of a 59-acre forest in the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace. Open from March to November, the site is home to a troop of Barbary macaques!

The visit lasts around two hours and runs along an 800-meter-long path. Feeding sessions are held regularly, so make sure you don’t miss them, as they are a great opportunity to get closer to the monkeys!

Frequently asked questions

💰 How much does it cost to go to a zoo in France?

Funbooker guarantees the best prices on the platform. You can visit a zoo from €12.50 / person.

🐵 What animals can you see in a zoo?

It depends on the zoo, but you can usually see the most popular animal species: tigers, giraffes, lions, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles...

Check the program for each zoo's list of animals!

🤨 What's the difference between a zoo and a wildlife park?

There's no real difference between a zoo and a wildlife park. A wildlife park is more likely for domestic animals, whereas a zoo is more likely to be home to wild animals.

🧒 How old do you have to be to go to the zoo?

The zoo is for all ages! Children love to observe animals and discover new species. Bring a stroller and baby carrier to make your visit even more enjoyable.

🥇 What is France's largest zoo?

The Haute-Touche zoological reserve, with over 120 species spread over 436 hectares!

🍽️ Is it possible to eat in a zoo?

Yes. Generally speaking, there are refreshment points in the parks. But you're welcome to bring your own picnic to eat in the designated areas!

❄️ Do zoos close in winter?

During the winter months, many zoos close their doors. But this is not the case for all zoos, such as Zoo de la Barben, Beauval, Thoiry... So it's important to check the schedules and calendar for each park before you go!

🥪 Is it possible to feed animals?

It all depends on the instructions given by the zoos and wildlife parks, because the animals' food rations are based on a strict diet drawn up by animal carers, biologists and veterinarians!

🐕 Are dogs allowed in zoos?

For health and safety reasons, many zoos do not accept dogs or other pets. Before visiting a park, please contact it for further information.

🚗 Is it easy to park near zoos?

Yes. Free parking is available near the zoo entrances.