Enjoy a delightful time on the water by booking a cruise on Funbooker. Whether you're near the sea, a river, or a lake, you'll find a wide selection of cruises all across France, on various types of vessels. It's an experience to be enjoyed with family, friends, or to gift to a loved one.

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Lunch cruise on the Seine


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Bistronomic lunch cruise on the Seine


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Sparkling cruise on the Seine by Bateaux-Mouches Paris


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River cruise on the Seine by Bateaux-Mouches Paris


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Prestige dinner cruise on the Seine


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Cruises, Excursions & Boat Rides: Everything You Need to Know

Come sail with the wind on a boat ride anywhere in France. Cruise, excursion or even boat tour, Funbooker offers you rides in exceptional landscapes that will leave you with wonderful memories. We offer you various types of rides, here is a list that will help you see more clearly.

The Excursions

If you want to book a sea excursion, you will very often have the choice between 3 types of excursions:

  • One-day excursions
  • Half day excursions
  • Night excursions

Generally, and regardless of the type of excursion you choose, you will have an appointment directly at the port to meet your captain and board his boat, he will brief you on the program of the excursion and on the exceptional places you will be able to approach and admire during the ride.

The Cruises

If you opt for a cruise, you will board a pleasure boat to perform a maritime tour defined by you or your skipper. Cruises generally go like this:

  • Go on the pontoon to meet your dedicated skipper
  • Board the pleasure boat
  • Decide or not, with the help of your skipper, the maritime tour to be done during the cruise
  • Set sail, and the commented tour begins
  • Stop frequently to admire the most beautiful landscapes of the tour. You can sometimes enjoy a swimming break
  • Back to the dock as the wind blows

Swimming rides

If you enjoy refreshing swims in turquoise water and postcard-perfect scenery, the swim walks are for you. These walks will allow you to enjoy a swim in beautiful coves where you will be alone, close to nature. A moment of relaxation guaranteed! If you want to be the captain of your own boat, don't hesitate to make a boat-rental.

FAQ Cruise

💰How much does a cruise cost?

On Funbooker, you can book your cruise from €15.

🚢 Which boats are used for cruises?

  • barges ;
  • yachts ;
  • fly boats;
  • amphibious buses.
  • 🤔 For which event should you take a cruise?

    Cruises can be organized for all kinds of events: birthday parties, romantic dinners, outings with friends, sightseeing tours, company seminars...

    In any case, it's an ideal activity to offer as a gift!

    🕦 How long does a cruise last?

    It all depends on what you want. You can book a cruise for 1 hour or an entire day/evening. It's up to you to organize your program as you wish!

    ☀️ When is the best time to cruise?

    Most cruises take place from May to September, when the weather is fine. But it's also possible to enjoy a cruise outside these periods in covered boats.

    ❓ What's the difference between a river cruise and a sea cruise?

    River cruises take place on rivers, canals and lakes. Sea cruises take place on oceans and seas. L’itinéraire de ces dernières est donc plus large, car les bateaux peuvent naviguer de partout dans le monde.