Best things to do in Strasbourg

Embark on a captivating journey through Strasbourg, a city rich in history and charm. With a plethora of activities awaiting you, from exploring the iconic Cathedral to cruising along the picturesque canals, Strasbourg offers a delightful blend of culture and adventure. Book an activity with Funbooker to discover the city in a funny way!

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Terrarium Workshop

Medium terrarium workshop in Strasbourg (67)

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Terrarium Workshop

Small terrarium workshop in Strasbourg (67)

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4,9 (7)

Scavenger hunt

Urban rally in downtown Strasbourg

4,5 (6)

Floral Workshop

Dried flower bell workshop in Strasbourg (67)

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5,0 (2)

Terrarium Workshop

Large terrarium workshop in Strasbourg (67)

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Scavenger hunt

Jeu de Piste DĂ©couverte in Strasbourg (67)


4,0 (2)

Scavenger hunt

Jeu de Piste Christmas Market in Strasbourg (67)


/ team

Escape Room

Cultural outdoor Escape Game in Strasbourg




Beer Tasting

Beer tasting workshop in Strasbourg (67)

Best seller

/ person
4,0 (1)

Wine Tasting

Oenology courses in Strasbourg (67)

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Scavenger hunt

Treasure hunt in Strasbourg (67)

4,0 (1)

Scavenger hunt

Strasbourg poisoner" treasure hunt (67)

5,0 (1)

Scavenger hunt

Beer tasting & treasure hunt in Strasbourg

Best seller

4,8 (10)

Food Tour

Food Tour in Strasbourg (67)

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Float Center

Floating in sensory isolation in Strasbourg (67)

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4,7 (3)
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Funbooker’s 20 Best Things To Do in Strasbourg

Discover one of Europe’s most quaint, picturesque cities with a trip to Strasbourg, capital of the Grand Est region and seat of the European Parliament. With its stunning canals, wonderful blend of French and German architectural and gastronomic influences, sweeping views of the river Rhine and its world famous Christmas market, Strasbourg is a must-see location on any family visit to France. The capital of Europe is characterized by its multiculturalism, it is an archetypal Alsatian city where life is good and leisure activities cater for a wide range of tastes.

Dynamic and inventive, Strasbourg has everything for providing round the clock fun and wonder to its residents and visitors alike. The activities on offer also reflect the city’s state of mind, a blend of authenticity and modernity. There's always plenty to do, whether on your own, with the family or with friends. With beautiful places to visit and a vast array of original activities all year round, it is impossible to get bored in the European gem. Summer or winter, the list of activities is endless. Discover Strasbourg with Funbooker.

8 Not-To-Be-Missed Places to Visit in Strasbourg

With its beautiful cathedral, stunning architecture and world-famous Christmas market, Strasbourg has everything you need for a delightful weekend getaway. Discover Funbooker’s 8 must-see sites in the capital of Europe.

Strasbourg Cathedral

The Cathédrale de Notre-Dame is a real symbol of the city. As in any weekend visit to a European city, a trip to the cathedral is mandatory! This stunning medieval building is widely considered to be among the finest examples of Rayonnant Gothic architecture. It took three centuries to build and boast some remarkable stained glass windows. First on the list!

Petite France

The Petite France district is one of the most iconic areas. Discover the River Ill, its five channels and picturesque quaysides, the delightful Benjamin Zix square, the Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes or the numerous gorgeous little bridges in this gem of European urban planning.

The Grande ĂŽle

The Grande Île is a beautiful little island situated in the city’s historic center. Here you’ll find many of the city’s most famous sites, including Strasbourg Cathedral, the Maison Kamerzell, Saint-Thomas church or the stunning Place Kléber. You’ll spend a lot of time on the island during your visit!

The Place Kléber

The Place Kléber is a breathtaking European square situated right in the center of the city, on the Grand Île. Completely pedestrianized, the square hosts the world-famous Christmas market every year, with the beautiful Christmas tree ever-illuminated right in its center. Not-to-be-missed on any visit to the Alsatian capital.

The Parc de l’Orangerie

Every city visit requires some down time, so take a stroll around the exquisite Parc de l’Orangerie. This beautiful outdoor space designed in the 18th century has been a favorite of the people of Strasbourg for centuries. Come and be seduced by its picturesque English-style park, complete with a very popular zoo and bowling alley.

Visit the institutions in the European district

Strasbourg, the capital of Europe, is home to the European parliament nestled in the middle of its fantastic European district. A shout out to the city’s multiculturalism, the district represents peace and harmony on a European continent so ravaged by war during the 20th century. Discover the district during your visit!

Christkindelsmärik, The Christmas Market

If Strasbourg is known for something other than the European Parliament, then it’s its fabulous Christmas Market, that takes place on the Place Kléber every year. Get into the festive spirit from November 24th-December 24th at one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets where you can eat, drink and enjoy the joyous, festive atmosphere.

The Barrage Vauban

The Barrage Vauban, or the Vauban Dam, is a magnificent 17th-century bridge, weir and defensive structure built across the River Ill. A breathtakingly picturesque architectural marvel, the dam offers stunning views of the river. You’ll also find the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art right next to it!

8 Fun Activities To Do in Strasbourg

”Wine and cheese pairing” workshop in Strasbourg

Alsace is a region rich in gastronomical history and culture. Its vineyards produce some of the best vintages in France! Discover more and learn how best to pair wines and cheeses at this fantastic wine workshop in Strasbourg. You'll explore the great diversity of French cheeses, how to match them with different styles of wine and tips for creating original pairings.

Treasure hunt in the Petite France district

Challenge yourself and your friends and family in this unique activity right in the heart of the exquisite Petite France district. You’ll lead an investigation that will take you around the city’s most iconic sites. Up for the challenge? Book today with Funbooker.

Escape game at John Doe

Discover this original, fun and challenging escape game with friends or family. Choose between 2 scenarios: Le Casino Magnifico or the Blue Castle Prison and test your nerves in this immersive experience that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Discover Strasbourg by cruise

What better way to discover the delights of the European capital than on a gentle river cruise. You’ll explore the city’s historical sites and treasures as you chug around the rivers and canals. A really unique way to see the city!

Terrarium workshop

If you’re a plant fanatic then this very original workshop is for you! With your fellow enthusiast Eric, you’ll learn how to build a terrarium from A to Z in a chilled out, convivial atmosphere. A great thing to try with friends!

Virtual reality session

Immerse yourself in the virtual world at the Virtual Room in Strasbourg. Offering you the chance to play multiplayer virtual reality games with friends or family, this is well worth a try if you’re looking for some lighthearted afternoon fun!

Floating in sensory isolation

Sometimes you just need to switch off and get away from it all. Discover sensory isolation floating, one of the most powerful and effective relaxation experiences in the world! This experience is designed to separate the brain from the body, and transport you away in your cocoon of peace and tranquility.

Visit the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Immerse yourself in European culture with a visit to Strasbourg’s magnificent Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. There you’ll discover extensive collections of paintings, sculpture, graphic arts, multimedia and design starting from the year 1870. Just near the Barrage Vauban, it should definitely be on your to-do list.