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Discover the best wine tastings anywhere in France at the best price with Funbooker: introduction to wine tasting, oenology courses, visits to cellars, châteaux and estates. An ideal activity to experience or to offer as a gift to a loved one.

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Guided tour & wine tasting at the Caves du Louvre in Paris


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Premium wine tour & tasting at the Caves du Louvre, Paris


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Wine & cheese tasting in Paris 1st district


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Terroir tasting in Paris 1st district


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Beef & wine tasting in Paris 1st district


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Cheese and wine tasting workshop in Paris Austerlitz


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All You Need To Know About Wine Tasting

Looking for something interesting and original to do during your visit to France? Well, what could possibly be better than wine tasting? France is famous all around the world for its quality wines and beautiful vineyards.

With Funbooker, discover a wide-range of amazing wine tasting experiences where you can discover France’s highest quality vintages and learn about the world of oenology! Wine tastings are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

The various wine tasting workshops

Although France has the best vineyards in the world, the different types of wine aren’t necessarily tasted in the same way. There are actually several different types of wine tastings to discover.

Grand Cru (fine wine) tastings

During your wine tasting experience, you’ll be met by an expert sommelier, who will show you how to taste wine, and will give you the opportunity to taste and enjoy the different Grands Crus and wines typical of the region you are in.

You'll learn how to choose your wine, the vocabulary specific to oenology and other important concepts that will expand your oenological knowledge! Soft or fruity wines, the different aromas, which glasses to choose for a white, red or rosé wine… You’ll learn all the important aspects of wine tasting.

The same applies to Alsace, Languedoc or Bordeaux wines. Our wine merchants will be also able to advise you on the best food and wine pairings!

Visits to vineyards and châteaux

For a slightly more original experience, you can try out a vineyard tour in addition to the tasting. Discover a château, with its vast estate and vineyards. The winemakers will explain the specific features of their estate. After the tasting, you'll have the opportunity to buy wine on site, if you like it of course!

Oenology courses

With Funbooker, you can also discover our range of oenology courses for something a little more technical than classic wine tastings. These workshops are designed to introduce you to the world of wine with friends or family. You'll learn how to read a label, how wine is made and how it ages. We highly recommend these workshops for enthusiastic beginners!

Food and wine pairings

Some workshops are specifically designed to teach you the best food and wine pairings. We’ve all dreamt of being able to pair perfectly the food with love with a great wine, right? This course if perfect for teaching you the best techniques and pairings.

Beyond the classic dishes, wine & cheese and wine & chocolate pairings are quite popular because they are so original. You'll discover how pairing the perfect wine with the perfect cheese can enhance your tastings and aromatic experiences.

Where are the best places for a wine tasting experience?

With Funbooker, you can book a wine tasting experience anywhere in France, whether in a château or in the town where you live or are staying! Of course, wine-growing regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Beaujolais and the Bordeaux area offer a wide range of unmissable wine and champagne tasting venues.

You can also enjoy visits to Saint-Emilion, Châteauneuf-du-Pape or even the Louvre!

We work with a number of wine specialists in France such as Vinoclub or Pro Degustation. They offer high-quality workshops for wine enthusiasts in all of France's major cities. These partners also offer dedicated workshops for companies, particularly for team-building sessions or company seminars.

Here is our ranking of the best tasting experiences on offer by city:

  • Paris: you can discover the wine cellars of the Louvre or the Paris Wine Museum. Cheese Geek offers fun, exciting wine and cheese pairing workshops.
  • Bordeaux: discover the vineyards of Saint-Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Médoc, with Châteaux such as Château Margaux or Mouton Rotshchild.
  • Lyon: the perfect place for tasting Burgundy's great vintages, you can try out the tasting courses offered by the Mama Shelter restaurant right in the heart of Lyon. You can also visit the Beaujolais region just to the north of Lyon and discover some fabulous vineyards.
  • Nantes: in Nantes, we recommend an introduction to Muscadet wines. You can also enjoy some fine wines from the Loire valley.
  • Montpellier: In this beautiful region in the South of France, you'll have the chance to taste wines from Languedoc, with its famous French grape variety. We particularly recommend the Languedoc Pic Saint-Loup appellation.

Always remember, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, and it should be consumed in moderation.

Frequently asked questions

💸How much does an oenology course cost?

Tastings start at €20 on Funbooker. Some tastings at châteaux may be free, but you won't get the benefit of an oenologist's explanations.

❓What is oenology?

Oenology is the study of wine-making and wine-preserving techniques.

🎁When to do a wine tasting?

Wine tasting is an ideal activity to offer as a gift to a wine-loving loved one. You can also organize it as part of a seminar or team building activity.

🧑What age for wine tasting?

From 18 years old. Alcohol is prohibited for minors.

🍇 Are there alcohol-free tastings?

Yes, some estates or courses can be run with grape juice.

🍷How does a wine tasting work?

During a wine tasting course, the instructor will explain the ins and outs of the wines you'll be tasting. You will then proceed with the tasting. Some partners offer fun tastings through quizzes.

😋Which wines will I taste?

It all depends on the activity you choose. Wineries will let you taste their own wines, while oenology courses are designed to let you taste different types of wine: white, red or even rosé.

The wines tasted depend on the course, but you'll often get the classic French wines:

  • Bordeaux: Saint-Emilion, Médoc, Château Margot, Sauterne, Pomerol...
  • Burgundy: Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits
  • Beaujolais: Brouilly, Saint-Amour...
  • Alsace: Pinot blanc, pinot gris, riesling, muscat, gewurztraminer