Things to Do in Bordeaux

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Funbooker’s Top 20 things to do in Bordeaux

Situated along the Garonne river in southwest France, Bordeaux is a city brimming with wonderful things to see and exciting things to do. Right in the heart of one of France’s most eminent wine-making regions, Bordeaux offers a multitude of gourmet delights, as well as some unmissable museums, galleries, parks and wonderful urban spaces. Check out Funbooker’s top 20 things to do in Bordeaux!

10 must-see places to visit in Bordeaux

During your visit to Bordeaux, there are a number of stunning sites to visit! From strolling around the Place de la Bourse to discovering the unique architecture of the Old Town and Saint-Pierre district, or plunging yourself into the world of wine at the Cité du vin, Bordeaux will leave you feeling enchanted! Discover Funbooker’s top 10 things to see in Bordeaux.

The Place de la Bourse

No visit to Bordeaux would be complete without a stroll around the magnificent Place de la Bourse. Situated in the city center along the banks of the Garonne, its architectural majesty is enhanced at night by elegant lighting. Built in the 18th century, this UNESCO World Heritage sight is a masterpiece in neoclassical French design. A must-see.

The Grosse Cloche

One of the few remaining secular municipal bells in the region, the Grosse Cloche (Big Bell) is situated in the heart of the city. The bell is a throwback to Bordeaux’s medieval ramparts that were constructed in the 13th century. It is rung 6 times a year on the occasion of major celebrations: January 1, May 1, May 8, July 14, August 28 and November 11 at 11 a.m. and the 1st Sunday of each month at noon. You can visit this magnificent old piece of history by booking a guided visit, which take place on Saturday mornings only.

The Old Town and Saint-Pierre District

Plunge yourself into bordelais life with a wander around the Old Town and Saint-Pierre district. Nestled in the heart of the city on the western side of the Garonne, this area is another UNESCO World Heritage site strewn with monuments and old buildings. It is also a great place to stop and have a coffee, or something stronger!

The Garonne Quays

The best way to discover the delights of Bordeaux is to first talk a walk down the banks of the Garonne river that runs through the city. The Left Bank Quays offer one of the world’s most stunning embankments with its multitude of 18th-century buildings and historical masterpieces. The Quai des Marques is a great shopping area, and you’ll catch a perfect view of the wonderful Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge!

Rue Sainte-Catherine

If you fancy a day’s shopping in Bordeaux, look no further than the Rue Sainte-Catherine. At over a kilometer long, this pedestrianized commercial hub really gives the Champs Élysées a run for its money. Once you’ve finished moseying around the shops you can go and grab something to eat at one of the many eateries in and around the street, popular with locals and tourists alike!

Bordeaux Cathedral

A visit to any great European city usually involves a visit to a magnificent cathedral, and Bordeaux is no different! Officially known as the Primatial Cathedral of St Andrew of Bordeaux (Cathédrale Saint-André), the stunning building epitomizes 13th-century French gothic architecture with its breathtaking spires. It also boasts a fantastic collection of artistic treasures, including religious edifices, accumulating remarkable liturgical art.

Grand Theater

Bordeaux’s Grand Theater is a monument you just cannot miss. Delighting visitors for over 200 years, Victor Louis’ architectural masterpiece was built during the reign of Louis XVI when baroque elegance was the order of the day. We highly recommend going to see an opera or a ballet, or simply pay a visit to this neoclassical monument that’s open all year round.

The Cité du Vin

Bordeaux and its surrounding region is most famous for one thing above all: wine! No surprises then that the city boasts a cultural heritage site dedicated to the world of wine. The Cité du Vin is a wonderfully immersive museum experience that takes you through the history of this drink loved and adored around the world, across cultures and civilisations.

Bordeaux Public Garden

Every city stay requires some down time. Green spaces let you enjoy a pleasant moment of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist routes. Bordeaux’s public garden offers just that: a relaxed setting beset with 18-century built in honey-colored stone and a magnificent array of trees and botanical delights for a quiet moment alone or with friends.

The Tour Pey-Berland

One of the tallest, most elegant buildings in Bordeaux, the Tour Pey-Perland is the separate bell-tower of Bordeaux Cathedral. You can grab an e-ticket and climb up to the top for a unique view of the city, the cathedral and the Garonne that will be sure to leave you with some wonderful memories!

10 great activities to do during your visit to Bordeaux

River cruise with aperitif on the Garonne

Discover Bordeaux in this wonderfully unique way with a cruise along the Garonne. You can enjoy a drink and a relaxing moment on board with friends, colleagues or family. The convivial atmosphere and wine will be complemented by aperitifs, charcuteries, traditional Bordeaux Canelés and live music!

Fragrance Creation Workshop

Try out something really different and creative with this fantastic perfume-making workshop. Aurélie and her team will introduce you to the wonderful world of perfumery and guide you through all the steps as you create your very own custom fragrance. A great activity to do with friends or a bachelorette party!

Tickets for the Bassins de Lumières

Immerse yourself in some of the great artistic masterpieces with a visit to the wonderful Bassin de lumières. This unique and unmatched experience is designed to dazzle you with color as you interact with the moving artworks projected onto giant screens. Well worth an afternoon visit!

Gourmet stroll through the historic district

Anyone visiting Bordeaux will have the food and wine high on the agenda, so a gourmet food tour is a must. This guided tour takes in Bordeaux's historic district, then the centuries-old Marché des Capucins, finishing in the Saint-Michel district at the restaurant of one of Bordeaux's top chefs. The walk will take you past such landmarks as the Place de la Bourse, the Miroir d'Eau, the Place du Palais, the Grosse Cloche and the Basilique Saint-Michel.

Half-day excursion to Saint-Emilion

Wine, wine and more wine! The wonderful oenological delights Bordeaux and its surrounding regions have to offer can be discovered on a half-day trip to Saint-Emilion, which of course needs no introduction! Discover its well-balanced wines, its winding medieval streets and its legendary tales. It's undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Gironde! You'll also discover a wealth of heritage and culture. Not to be missed!

Virtual reality room in Mérignac

If you’re looking to do something a bit different, or book a fun activity for a bachelor(ette) party, then look no further than the Dream Away center in Merignac! In its specialized room, the center offers a fantastic immersive virtual reality experience. You'll be able to choose from a wide range of scenarios to play as a team in a unique gaming adventure.

Bordeaux 2CV tour

If you’re a lover of all things old, especially vintage cars, then this unique tour of Bordeaux is for you! Hop into an old 2CV and enjoy the sights and sights in this wonderfully immersive guided tour. Your passionate chauffeur-guide knows all there is to know about the city, and will tell you about all its secrets!

The 5 sense discovery tour

Looking for a fun, hands-on activity to do with family and friends? Take part in a unique sensory adventure in Bordeaux's Chartrons district! This brand new entertainment concept aims to open your mind to your different senses across six workshops that will deprive you of one of your senses, raising awareness of sensory disabilities.

Floating in sensory isolation

If you’re looking for a more relaxing moment, then this unique floating experience is for you. Discover one of the world's most profound and effective relaxation experiences: floating in sensory isolation. In water with a salt content more than 4 times higher than the dead sea maintained at body temperature, you’ll spend 45-90 minutes in a cocoon completely cut off from external sensory interference!

Bath and beer tasting

This is truly a unique experience, one for bath and beer lovers alike! Try out an hour in the beer spa relaxing in the water and trying out some of the southwest’s most delicious beers as you go! Bachelors and bachelorettes take note!