Beer Workshop

Funbooker offers you the chance to give the gift of, or take part in, a beer-brewing workshop, to make your own brew. Learn the steps involved in craft beer production with a master brewer, from brewing to fermentation and tasting.

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Beer brewing workshop: make your own beer alongside craftsmen

A culinary workshop like craft beer brewing is a golden opportunity to learn the secrets of making your favorite beverage!

The different stages of brewing

There's a precise process involved in brewing a good beer!


The grains of malt are crushed to create a more or less fine grist. The bark of the cereal is crushed, to facilitate access to the starch.


During this operation, which extracts thestarch from the crushed malt, the latter is soaked and stirred in a mash tun filled with hot water. At the end of the brewing process, the result is a pasty mixture known as mash.


75-degree water is added to the grains, while the wort drains off at the bottom. Rinsing the spent grains recovers the sugars and flavor of the malt after filtration.


During this stage, hops are boiled into the wort to add aroma and bitterness to the beer.


Cold water is circulated through a copper coil immersed in the brewing tank until the temperature of the wort drops to 20 degrees. This process prevents external contamination and encourages the yeasts to work.


Once the wort has cooled, the yeasts are added. They reproduce and transform the fermentable sugars into alcohol.

Types of beer

There are many different types of beer. Find out more!

Blonde beers

These are the most common beers. They have a bright golden color. This hue is linked to their light malt. Some of these alcoholic beverages have a fruity flavor.

White beers

Generally speaking, white beers are not made with barley, but with wheat, which gives them a citrus flavor. Renowned for their freshness, they are very popular during the summer months, and go wonderfully well with a slice of lemon!

Brown beers

Their pronounced taste and brown color are due to the barley's high degree of roasting. They often have coffee or cocoa aromas.

Amber or red beers

These beers are made from brown malt. The barley has been extensively roasted, giving these beers a slightly spicy flavor.