Discover the best cryotherapy centers with Funbooker. Cryotherapy has a number of benefits for the body, from curing aches and pains to boosting the immune system. Ideal for recovery after sport. Book online in just a few clicks.

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Cryotherapy: everything you need to know about this cold therapy

Funbooker has compiled a list of the best cryotherapy centers throughout France. You'll be able to book a cryotherapy session in Paris, as well as in major cities such as Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille and Lille.

History of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method involving the application of cold to part or all of the body. Although the technique goes back a long way (it was already practised in ancient times), it was only in the 1970s that scientists began to take a serious look at cryotherapy.

In fact, it was the Japanese who were the first to really develop this method, notably through the creation of a cryotherapy chamber by Dr. Yamaguchi.

Today, the method is widely used in a number of medical sectors. It has significant benefits, and is often used by athletes to treat pain and inflammation. Clearly, cryotherapy has become an unavoidable phenomenon.

The different types of cold application

Cryotherapy involves applying cold to the body. Cold can be applied in different ways:

  • Localized: by projecting cold onto a well-targeted area of the body. This can be done using ice packs, compresses or spray jets.
  • Global, in which the body is usually immersed in a bath of cold water.
  • Whole body, where the entire body is cooled. This type of cryo is most often performed in a cabin or chamber.

Cryotherapy cabin temperatures are generally between -30 and -140°C. For the ice water bath, the water temperature is between 10 and 15°C.

Why cryotherapy?

In general, cryotherapy has three distinct vocations:

  • For well-being: it boosts the immune system and relaxes the muscles.
  • For sporting purposes: it improves recovery after intense physical activity. Muscle regeneration is accelerated.
  • From a beauty point of view, cryotherapy helps to improve your figure and maintain your skin. Cryolipolysis is one such treatment. Most often used in aesthetic dermatology, it is used as part of a slimming procedure. Cold is applied to fat deposits to reduce body fat.

The benefits of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has many benefits. The main one is undoubtedly to heal, soothe and relieve injuries, inflammations and fractures. Secondly, it also improves physical recovery. Indeed, when you're a top-level athlete, you're likely to be putting your body's muscles to regular use. With cryo, you'll be able to re-energize your body and give it the boost it needs.

Last but not least, this method also has benefits for your skin and blood circulation. It eliminates toxins, improves respiratory function and reduces anxiety. It can even destroy cancer cells.

Contraindications to cryotherapy

Although cryotherapy has proven its effectiveness on several occasions, it is not recommended for everyone. So, if you have vascular problems, asthma, high blood pressure or are simply pregnant, skip it immediately. Likewise, make sure you have no open wounds to avoid frostbite and other skin burns. Don't forget, it's forbidden for children under 10!

How does a cryo session work?

The session takes place in several stages:

Before any session, the professional will check that you are fit to undergo it. This will take the form of a medical certificate issued by your GP, a questionnaire and a consent form. The professional will also give you details of how the session will be carried out.

As cryotherapy is performed in a chamber, you'll need to wear the appropriate clothing: gloves, socks, slippers, underwear and an ear band. Make sure to protect all extremities of your body, and remove all metal objects.

Carry out the session, which should last between 1 and 3 minutes. It should not exceed this time, as the human body cannot tolerate anything longer. You will be accompanied by a health professional throughout the session. He or she will intervene if you have any concerns.

After the session, rest, hydrate and avoid physical exertion for half an hour after cryotherapy.