Tree Climbing

Book an accrobranche outing at France's best adventure parks. Funbooker offers you a selection of the best tree-climbing spots suitable for the whole family.

94 results

Créteil Pompadour tree climbing course in Choisy-le-Roi (94)


Best seller

/ person
4,7 (112)

Net and trampoline course in Meudon (92)


/ child
4,9 (11)

Tree-climbing park in Créteil (94)


/ person
4,3 (4)

Tree climbing course in Chaville (92)


/ child
4,9 (88)

11 tree climbing courses in Bièvres (91)


/ person
4,9 (78)

Tree climbing course in Coubron (93)


/ person
4,9 (25)

Accrobranche park in Poissy (78)


/ person
4,9 (9)

Accrobranche park in Jablines (77)


/ person
4,8 (13)

Tree climbing at Saint-Leu-d'Esserent (60)


/ person
3,0 (1)

Ticket for Aventure Land (95)



/ person

Accrobranche in Chenoise (77)


/ person
4,4 (7)

Tree-climbing park in Chartres (28)


/ person
4,8 (33)
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Funbooker’s Ultimate Guide to Tree Climbing, a High-Flying Adventure in the Canopy!

What is tree climbing?

So what is tree climbing really? Sometimes known as an adventure course, this fantastic activity involves climbing up into the treetops for a canopy adventure during which you’ll navigate through the trees and face a series of increasingly challenging obstacles.

It is more than just climbing up and down trees, it’s about throwing yourself into the treetop world like a monkey or a little squirrel!

Suitable for everyone, this wonderfully engaging activity is tailored to various age groups, as adventure parks meticulously craft courses to cater to specific demographics. The courses follow a color-coded system, which elevates in difficulty progressively. Whether beginner-friendly low-level courses perfect for the little ones, to the daring high-altitude black courses that require perfect physical fitness, there's a challenge for every budding adventurer or thrill-seeker!

What kind of obstacles might you come face to face with?

The obstacles within the courses often vary from one park to another. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Zipline: Fly between trees on a metal cable.
  • Tarzan jump: A pendulum leap into the void, landing you in a net that becomes the next challenge to conquer
  • Monkey bridge: A suspended aerial bridge with ropes on the sides
  • Rotating logs
  • Nets
  • Liana crossing
  • A completely safe activity

    The rules and regulations are quite strict when it comes to safety, which is always taken very seriously!. Each park is obliged to provide you with an initiation on a test course to ensure your fitness for the activity. Afterwards, you'll be equipped with the required safety gear for the park, to make sure you minimize the risk of injury!

    Your safety gear typically includes a harness, lanyards and carabiners. You’ll usually be provided with a helmet with protective lining and gloves, although these are often made available for rent at activity centers.

    Two very common safety devices are:

    • A continuous safety cable: This allows you to navigate the entire course without ever having to detach your carabiners. This system ensures comprehensive safety, as you will always be securely attached.
    • Clic-it smart carabiner: This intelligent device prevents both of your carabiners from detaching simultaneously.

    Guidance is provided either on the ground or up in the trees (each park has its own policy). If assistance is provided on the ground, the presence of an adult in the trees is usually mandatory when accompanying children.

    If you require extra assurance, please inquire with the Safety and Leisure Authorities (SLA) to confirm whether the park you would like to visit does indeed adhere to proper safety measures.

Frequently asked questions

👶 What's the right age for tree climbing?

The activity is accessible from the age of 2 for some adventure parks.

💸 What is the average price of an entry?

The first price is usually around €10 per entry. For adults, expect to pay around €20 for the activity. These prices often allow access to the whole course, for maximum fun!

🦺 What are the safety rules?

There are a few rules to be observed by customers: no earrings, long hair tied back, lace-up shoes and, of course, no alcohol before getting on the course!

💪 Do I need to be particularly fit?

The parks generally offer a number of different routes, sorted in order of difficulty. If you're not in very good physical condition, there's sure to be a course adapted to your level.

For the more athletically inclined, the black or extreme courses offer tough obstacles and crazy zip lines!

🩳 What should I wear?

Wear comfortable sportswear. Open-toed shoes are forbidden.