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Find the cooking course you need with Funbooker at the best price. Learn how to make your favorite recipes, choose your products and master chef's techniques! Ideal as a gift for a loved one who loves cooking.

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Cooking lessons: all you need to know about becoming a top chef!

Looking for a cooking course, or want to offer a gourmet workshop as a gift? Or maybe looking for a great team building experience? Well you’ve come to the right place. On Funbooker, discover all the different types of cooking lessons we have on offer, including courses at home! Our partner chefs offer tailor-made or at-home culinary art lessons.

Cooking lessons: how do they work?

Once on site, all participants are required to wash their hands and get fitted out. Aprons, chef's hats, utensils and knives are provided by the service provider. Then, it’s time to get started! The partner chef will explain the program, reply to any questions and outline safety precautions to be followed. Then the cooking begins! Of course, once the cooking is finished, you will get to taste all your culinary delights!

The different types of cooking classes

Interested in improving your culinary skills or offering a cooking class, but don't know which workshop to choose? Well, here are some great ideas for you!

French cooking classes

French cuisine is famous around the world for its quality and diversity. So why not find out more about the French gastronomic savoir-faire by trying one of our

courses focused on just that: French cuisine! A French cooking workshop is an opportunity to discover all the techniques and secrets behind the most prestigious French dishes, all in a friendly, convivial atmosphere!

Asian cooking classes: Thai, Chinese, Japanese...

Honestly, try and fit in an Asian cooking course, you really won’t regret it! Whether it be Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese or Korean, you’ll be sure to discover a cuisine rich in flavors, with variety and authenticity!

From cutting techniques to cooking methods, an introduction to different spices and flavors, the Asian cooking courses we have to offer are the perfect opportunity to learn how to create your favorite Asian dishes: bò bún, ramen, pad thaï and many more!

Pastry-making classes (Patîsserie)

As we all know, pastry-making requires a great deal of precision and technique. So, if you're dreaming of mastering the macaroon, of making a brilliant buttercream, or some heavenly chocolate éclairs, we recommend one of our patisserie classes!

Of course, courses are available at all levels, especially at beginner level, where you’ll learn the basics of pastry-making and discover the techniques of molding, icing and poaching. You’ll be sure to impress your friends and family afterwards!

Vegetarian cuisine

Vegetarian cuisine sometimes gets a bad rap for its apparent lack of diversity and lack of flavor... But in reality, vegetables aren’t only good for your health, but a delicious source of gourmet delights that can be turned into the most exquisite dishes when used properly.

So join one of our vegetarian cooking classes and put vegetables back on the menu! With tips, creative ideas and preparation techniques, learn how to prepare these scrumptious natural ingredients for you and your friends!

Pizza workshop

Pizza is easily one of our favorite things to eat around the world… Whether it be 4-cheese, margarita, regina… Making a great pizza is an artform in itself! If you’re a pizza lover like we are, then try out one of our pizza workshops and learn how to cook a traditional pizza in a wood fire!

Discover the secrets of pizza-making: pizza dough preparation, expert kneading, traditional wood-fired baking and display, all while making your favorite pizza!

Molecular gastronomy courses

Molecular cuisine has never been trendier! Culinary art and science have come together to wow and surprise food lovers around the world. You can discover the wonders of molecular cuisine with one of our specialized courses!

You'll discover spherification, emulsification and cryogenization with one of our expert chefs, all unusual and fun culinary techniques that will be sure to add a touch of magic to your dishes!

World cuisine courses: Italian, Oriental...

Whether a beginner or a real food lover, why don’t you try out one of our world cuisine courses to add some variety and diversity to your cooking! We have a huge range on offer: Italian food, oriental cuisine, Indian or Mexican as well!

Take part in cooking workshops with chefs specialized in their field to learn new recipes and take your taste buds on a real journey of discovery!

Les questions fréquentes

🤧 I have an allergy or special diet, can I take part?

Yes, all you need to do is let the chef know in advance so that he can adapt the recipe to your individual intolerances and constraints.

👪 What is the maximum number of participants?

Most of our partners prefer to limit the number of participants to around 15 people for private groups.

For companies, this depends on capacity, but some schools like Ducasse can accommodate up to 65 participants.

🎉 When to do a cooking workshop?

Cooking classes are ideal for many occasions:

● To offer a gift to a loved one who loves cooking

● As part of a team-building event, to bond your employees through a unifying activity

● For a child's birthday party, pastry classes are very popular

● For a loved one's bachelor party.

👦 How old do you have to be to take part of a cooking class?

There are courses for the very young and others for the very old. In general, cooking classes are available from age 3.

If you'd like to spend some special time with your child, there are courses for parents and children, where you can learn together and share some great moments of complicity!

💸 How much does a cooking class cost?

Sur Funbooker, vous pourrez acheter un cours de cuisine à partir de 20€ / personne.